5 things to learn from international homes!

November 21st 2022

5 things to learn from international homes!

When we look for ideas, advice, or inspiration, most of us tend to ask our friends or the people around us. This is usually the choice made by many homeowners as well. If you’re looking for new ways to decorate your home or organise your space, chances are: you’ve probably made some mental notes on home decoration ideas when visiting your friends’ homes. 

This is a great way to source for ideas quickly. But, you may soon realise that most people adopt the same style or design inspirations. Though there is nothing wrong with this, it may restrict your creativity in exploring other home styles that are not as popular in Singapore. In this article, we bring you various ideas from overseas homes that you can draw inspiration from!

1. Traditional, but modernised

Traditional homes seem to be characterised by wood, textured surfaces and uniquely designed furniture. At first glance, this might appear to be opposed with modern homes, which focus on clean, neat and minimalist styles. Singaporean homes often prefer the latter because there is a trend of modernity. 

However, if you also enjoy the traditional vibe, you can always blend the two together. Give your modern home a traditional twist with the use of wooden furniture and interesting textures.

2. Be bold and brave!

Eclectic styles aren’t very popular in Singapore because of the widespread preference for uniformity. But, it gives you a great chance to explore more interesting options. If you don’t like to be restricted by a certain theme then this kind of interior design is perfect for you!

3. Explore dimensions (height, shapes)

Most homeowners fixate on the floor plan and how they would like to organise their furniture in the room. Break out of this shell by making use of the walls, and think of your space 3-dimensionally. You can do this by choosing furniture or decorations that adds height or dimension to your home, instead of lining everything up against the walls. 

4. Think about furniture first

The most logical thing to do when you get your floor plan, is to analyse the kind of space you have and choose furniture that fits into your space nicely. Well, you can always try reversing the process by looking at furniture first and making that the focal point of a room. It is challenging but will definitely make your home more dynamic. 

5. Make it interesting


The last thing that we can learn from homes overseas is to have fun with your home! Decorate your walls with art pieces, get some interesting light fixtures or just showcase any of your interests / hobbies. Your home is only truly yours if there is some form of you in it, so have fun with it!

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