A Modern Peranakan Panache

June 4th 2020

The interior design trend these days revolves around bright whitewashed walls with ultra-cool dark furnishings. It may not be your preference if you want to add personality to your home. Therefore, we encourage you to ponder on what kind of character you’d want to introduce into your space. Your heritage, maybe?

In this modern home designed by Absolook for 155, Tua Payoh, Lorong 1, it has all the features that depict a modern contemporary home, but the Peranakan inspired accents are hard to ignore.

The Peranakan culture is birthed from the amalgamation of ethnic Chinese culture with local Malay customs. During the British occupation, many Baba-Nyonya shophouses displayed intricate ceramic tiles imported from Britain. They were eclectically designed with bright colours, often seen on the verandah walkway or inside their houses.

Taking these iconic mosaic tiles as inspiration, the home is transformed to exude modern heritage living that is uniquely Singaporean.

A Stunning Entry

Herringbone-like grill and blonde wooden door entrance

Come through the Herringbone-like grill and blonde wooden door to find a trendy one-tone entryway. Furnished with wood, the cabinets, walls, and floors sing the same hue. The oneness of the whole setting gives a homey setting, and the clean black lines that run horizontally from the doorway to the end of the wall-space accentuate the length of the space.

Trendy Living Space

Living room feature wall

You will be greeted by the living space. The wall behind the television console highlights a wooden panel with horizontal zig-zag lines, it helps maintain the clean and trendy vibe. The console is then flanked by sleek white sound systems - introducing symmetry to the room.

Eclectic Dining

Eclectic Dining

Adjacent to the perfectly polished, woody living area is the dining area. To make most of the seating, an in-built wall bench is incorporated here. It will accommodate more people as compared to individual chairs.

The highlight of this space has got to be the gorgeous mosaic motif tiles. They have been modernised to fit with the home’s interior. The floral patterns are black and encased by light grey arches.

To open up the area and multiply the tile patterns, a floor-to-ceiling mirror is fitted across the dining area.

An Air of Mystery

Sultry kitchen

The mosaic-tiled flooring spills into the kitchen and here, the atmosphere changes. Unlike the bright living room and the entryway, the kitchen serves us with a sultry mood. The minimalist matte cabinet doors and drawers, along with the sink and tap, draw you into its mystery. To brighten the space, under-cabinet strip lights are placed above the backsplash. The smooth unadulterated wooden veneer fused on the kitchen top and backsplash makes cleaning easy.

As White As Snow

White guest bathroom

The guest bathroom sings a cheery song.  The general colour theme of the space is much lighter with muted greys and more white introductions. The marble tiles cemented on the walls enlarge the area and reflect light. The mosaic tiles take on a different motif, although they are still in monotone.

It feels like a modern retro bathroom a boutique hotel would have and we are loving how eccentricity can be effectively toned down without stripping its character!

Cosy Nook

Cosy bedroom

The bedroom is not as elaborately furnished as the rest of the home. It is important to keep it clutter-free with fewer distractions. In fact, a bare bedroom encourages a better night’s sleep. The essentail minimalist furnishings include roll-up blinds, wall lamps, and black marble side tables.

All Things Glam

Walk-in wardrobe and vanity section

If you love drama, you will get it all in the walk-in wardrobe and vanity section. The long mirror takes up more than half of the partition with LED strip lights attached to it. The glossy black sliding doors of the wardrobe reflect light, creating a funnel that brings your attention to the vanity.

Back to Black

Black master bathroom

On the flip side of the guest bathroom is the master bathroom. Instead of bright and cheery white, it is dark with a state-of-the-art likeness. Because the interior is mostly black (from floor and wall tiles to sink and toilet), lighting is very important. Under-cabinet LED strip lighting is used here, along with an industrial-like lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Do you love the interior design of this home crafted by Absolook? We believe that a home that reflects who you are is really important. That also includes your heritage. As the owner of the home, you want to be sure your ideas and personality is manifested in your living space. Absolook can totally make your home-sweet-home dreams come true.

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