BTO launches in August 2022 - Educated predictions and information

May 12th 2022

BTO launches in August 2022 - Educated predictions and information

Are you considering getting a new BTO flat at the end of the year? If you are, you are in luck. HDB has recently revealed the locations for August 2022 BTO projects, and there are approximately 6,330 to 6,800 units in 6 estates. And while the exact site of each BTO project is not confirmed so far, we have made educated predictions using the information from HDB, URA Masterplan, and Google Maps. Read on to find out what we know about the BTO launches in August 2022 thus far.  

Choa Chu Kang

Source: URA Space

Did you know that in November 2021, there were only 68 2-room Flexi units launched in Choa Chu Kang? In fact, it might even be the smallest BTO launch in Singapore’s history. Thankfully, in August 2022’s BTO launch, it will be much bigger with 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4- and 5-room available for grabs. Take a look at the image above. From past experiences and current information on hand, we are predicting that Choa Chu Kang’s launch in August 2022 will be located at the blue pin. 

Specifically, it will be situated at the 3.9 gross plot ratio area, right next to the upcoming Keat Hong Verge BTO flats. As you can see, this BTO launch is next to numerous amenities. From the nearby market at Blk 253 to ITE College West, Keat Hong Shopping Centre, Keat Hong Community Club, and the various schools, they are all near this Choa Chua Kang BTO launch. Thus, providing residents great convenience. The cherry on top? It is within walking distance from Keat Hong LRT station, and it is also an up-and-coming neighbourhood. 

Ang Mo Kio

Source: URA Space

Next, we are expecting a larger BTO project in Ang Mo Kio. With the option for 2-room Flexi, 4-room, 5-room, and 3Gen flats, it can cater to various family sizes from all walks of life. And here is why we predict this BTO launch to be located at that blue pinpoint. 

First, this BTO launch in And Mo Kio must take up a larger land area because it has 5-room and 3Gen options. Secondly, it will probably be situated in the Kebun Bahru region of Ang Mo Kio. This is because it is an area that has recently undergone development, such as the inauguration of the Mayflower MRT station. 

Thus, it has to be that 4.2 gross plot ratio area next to the future Kebun Bahru Edge BTO site.

This BTO project in Ang Mo Kio is also in a prime location. Not only is it within walking distance from the Mayflower MRT, but it is also adjacent to many schools. Mayflower Secondary, Peirce Secondary, Eunoia Junior College, and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School are just some of the many schools you can find near this BTO flat in Ang Mo Kio. Moreover, it is also near several nature spots like the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir. In fact, the Lower Peirce Reservoir also allows you to connect to Windsor Nature Park, MacRitchie Nature Park, and even, the entire central water catchment nature reserve.

Bukit Merah

Moving onto the other side of Singapore, we have Bukit Merah. In this mature estate, HDB has revealed that there will be 3- and 4- bedroom BTO flats launched in August 2022. Coupled with our knowledge, the help of URA Masterplan, and Google Maps, we are expecting two potential spots for this BTO project. 

Source: URA Space

Take a look at the image above. The first predicted location for this BTO launch would be the 4.0 gross plot ratio area on Havelock Road. This BTO project also has great amenities nearby, such as the Havelock Road Cooked Food Centre and Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

Specifically, we are expecting a packed development with lofty storeys to be erected in this potential location. But the key selling point of this potential BTO launch will be the spectacular city centre views, and close vicinity to the beautiful Singapore River and the city's central district. At the same time, this also means you need to be prepared that this BTO project will fetch sky-high prices and demand.    

Source: URA Space

The other potential location for the 3- and 4- room BTO launch in Bukit Merah is located along Ganges Ave. Similar to the previous plot of land, this is also a premium one that is extremely near to Singapore Rover and Alexandra Park Connector. Moreover, Zion Riverside Food Centre and Great World City are also within the close vicinity. In fact, you can even stroll along Kim Seng Road to reach the shopping haven of Orchard Road. 

Jurong East

Source: URA Space

Moving on to the west side of Singapore, we have the BTO August 2022 launch in Jurong East. Here, HDB has revealed that this BTO project will consist of 2-room Flexi, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom flats. Take a look at the image above. We expect that this BTO project will be located right at that blue pinpoint that has a gross plot ratio of 3.5. Located right next to the Chinese Gardens MRT, it is in a prime location. In fact, we would say that this BTO project in August 2022 is a steal because of how scattered the lands are in Jurong East, that some plots of land can be rather far from amenities and MRT stations. 

For instance, the Toh Guan Grove BTO in the August 2021 launch is considerably far from the MRT stations, and the various amenities. With that in mind, we also expect that this BTO flat in Jurong East will have beautiful scenery of the picturesque Chinese Gardens lake. In addition, there will also be numerous amenities within Jurong East to provide you with convenience. For instance, you can hop across the many shopping malls like Jem, Westgate, Jcube, and IMM, or visit the well-known hawker centres and eateries. In fact, Jurong West has even been dubbed the “CBD of the West” because of how many infrastructures can be found here.  


Source: URA Space

Up next, we have this BTO project with 3 and 4 bedroom flats in Queenstown for the August 2022 launch. We predict that it will be built right next to the HDB BTO project in May 2022. After all, in the map that HDB released in the previous May 2022 launch, the land next to the May BTO project has been reserved for future high-rise residential development and public housing. 

In addition, it will also be much easier and more efficient logistics wise to concentrate the resources for building in the same area. This will also ensure that it will disturb fewer Queenstown residents. And just like the previous May 2022 BTO project, this BTO flat is in a prime location and has great connectivity. 

Located along Ghim Moh Road, it is within walking distance from The Star Vista shopping mall and Buona Vista, which has the Circle Line and the East-West MRT lines. Furthermore, this BTO launch is quite close to the One-North region, which has a lot of workplaces. As a result, it's an excellent BTO project for working adults. At the same time, this Queenstown launch is near many excellent schools like ACS (independent) and ACS (International). 

Thus, this Queenstown BTO launch offers a variety of options for families with children. Furthermore, it is the ideal BTO flat for individuals who want a luxurious lifestyle. Apart from Holland Village and Rochester Park, the CBD is also easily accessible via Commonwealth Avenue, Holland Road, and the MRT's East-West Line. Because of the available 3-room and 4-room flats, we expect this Queenstown BTO launch to be high in demand among smaller-sized households.


Source: URA Space

Last but not least, let us explore the potential location for the Woodlands BTO project in the August 2022 launch. While some may only recognise Woodlands for being next to Johor, Woodlands has progressively developed to be more than just that. With the new Thomson-East Coast Line, the upcoming Woodlands North MRT station, and various other development, Woodlands has progressively grown as an interchange of connectivity that is full of great amenities. 

With that said, HDB has revealed that the BTO project in Woodlands will consist of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, and 4-room flats. In particular, we predict that it will be built on the empty land next to Marsiling Grove. This is because it is large enough an area to cater to the 3 various types of flats, and it is also in a prime location. Just walking distance away from the Marsling MRT station, this BTO project is also near many schools like Woodlands Secondary, Marsling Secondary, and Marsiling Primary. In fact, at the west of this BTO project, there is also the Marsling Park for residents to enjoy nature within close vicinity. 


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