Creating a Modern and Luxurious Look For Your Home at a Budget

June 21st 2022

Creating a Modern and Luxurious Look For Your Home at a Budget 

Designing your home can be extremely exciting, but also stressful. After all, there is no place like home. And that puts a lot of pressure when you are planning the interior design for your home. But it can get worse when you want to spend less, and yet, create a modern and luxurious look. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive tips and tricks to make your homes look significantly more impressive. Not convinced? Read on to see how you can create a modern and luxurious look for your home on a budget! 

Add touches of expensive materialsCredits: dailydreamdecor

One of the easiest ways to spruce up the value of your home is to incorporate little touches of high-end materials wherever you can. This includes leather, marble, gold, crystal, and solid wood. Take the above picture as an example. The leather green sofa makes the room look more luxurious and has even become the central piece of the room. In addition, the gold frames and simple golden lamp makes the home appear significantly modern! That means you do not need to fill your entire home with expensive objects. 

Just a couple of furniture of your choice to seemingly make your room appear more magnificent as a whole. To maximise your savings, you can also opt for the faux version of such expensive materials. While they might not last as long, they can still achieve the same luxurious look. For instance, you can use a cheap and seemingly golden framed photo.

Include paintingsCredits: Cathie Hong Interiors​​​​​​​​

One common thing you can always find in expensive homes is paintings. So, if you want your home to look luxurious, you should add framed paintings. You might be wondering - how can you get expensive artworks on a budget then? Simple. You print it! Not just on any paper, but on a larger matte paper. Printing is an incredibly inexpensive way that helps your home elude a luxurious vibe. Your best bet would be either a simple painting or one with abstract art. Remember that it should not be too complicated or have many textures, as printing on matte paper will remove any textures it previously had. 

For an even more luxurious look, frame it up in an expensive-looking frame. For instance, the example above made use of a seemingly pricey gold frame. To sell the image of a classy house with luxurious paintings, you can also frame the printed painting higher up on your wall. Why is this so? At a further distance, it is harder to discern if it is a real or faux painting. Alternatively, you can also choose to thrift for expensive, fun, and oversized artworks!

Add different texturesCredits: MyDomaine (Desiree Burns Interiors) 

Different textures are the key to a luxurious and modern home. While minimalistic homes can appear modern, it is easier for a well-textured room to look significantly more classy and grand. For instance, the room above features throws, blankets, pillows, and comfy accessories made from different patterns and textiles. 

However, a common theme needs to tie your entire room together. Otherwise, it will just appear like a mess! Experiment with various patterns, colours, and textures to achieve the luxurious look you want. Remember, the key to making your room appear deluxe and modern is the minute details. Here is a tip! When picking pillows, go for the stuffed 22-inch pillows, instead of the typical 12-18 inches. Additionally, try to use pillows made of silk or velvet to maximise the effect. Alternatively, you can also use pillow coverings made of more luxurious materials.

Arrange flowers and plantsCredits: Forbes

Don’t you agree that the home above looks luxurious and classy? Apart from the previously mentioned tips, another important factor in this beautiful home is the plants. Fresh flowers and plants are extremely affordable and can instantly spruce up your room look and value. All you need is a neat arrangement of fresh flowers in a beautiful pot! You can do so by separating the bouquet by stem type and then creating several small arrangements to spread around your home. Alternatively, you can also find larger-sized potted plants to put in the corner of your room. The massive-sized plant will brighten up your home, and make it look more expensive. A small dent in your wallet, but a monumental impact for your home!

Change the lightsCredits: the spruce

One common thing that people tend to overlook is their lightings. A simple, cheap overhead lighting in your room will make your room look much less luxurious. Instead, opt for a luxurious-looking one like the chandler inspired one above! Do not worry, for you do not need to spend a lot on such overhead lightings. After all, you can always spray-paint your lights to get better and more drastic results! Moreover, overhead lightings are hardly touched, so you do not need to worry. 

Apart from celling lightings, you need to add lamps to upscale your room. Solely relying on overhead lighting will cause your room to feel harsh and sterile. On the contrary, incorporating a simple lamp can make your room seem more welcoming and classy as a whole!Credits: familyhandmanAnother way to play with your lighting and create a modern and luxurious look is to use recessed lights. The recessed lights (like the picture above) help add interest to a space, whether in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or den. The overarching light above also creates an incredibly modern appearance. One way to maximise your savings is to use the LED light versions. Not only are they more affordable, but they also produce less heat and use less energy than typical recessed lights (such as incandescent). In addition, they tend to have a longer lifespan and come in a variety of colours! Hence, you save money in both the initial purchase and through the long term. What value! While you can opt for the LED smart bulbs that change colour, it is better to choose bright, soft or warm whites LED bulbs for a more luxurious and modern look.

Use decorative mouldingsCredits: the spruce, Myfull Decor

Did you know that the two example pictures of intricate design ceilings are not actually carved? Instead, it is achieved by using a cheap foam crown moulding method! In the past, ancient Greeks would elaborately chisel and hammer the beautiful designs over a long and costly period. Today, the cheap crown moulding made of polystyrene is significantly cheaper, and yet still look like its wood or stone predecessor. Another bonus? You can use decorative mouldings to cover any unsightly or difficult cracks between your ceiling and the wall or in any joint. In addition, these intricate silhouettes can bring your ceilings and walls together for a distinguished appearance. That means your room will look perfect, luxurious, and pleasing to the eye! There are many different kinds of affordable mouldings, so do a quick google search to find one of your likings. For instance, the picture on the right is the commonly used “crown” moulding option. They are also sometimes called the “cornice” mouldings. For the best bang for your money though, go for the printable plastic version. But if you are looking to maximise the glamorous look, use a wider width trim that is within your budget. A wider decorative moulding will have a larger impact!

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