Earthy and Cosy Home

May 22nd 2023

Miracle Design Studio works closely with their clients to bring the homeowners’ visions to life. The designers here excel at creating a space that is not just pleasing to look at, but also a fully functional and livable one. The passion and creativity that the designers have is unrivalled, and you can definitely see that in all of their past projects.

Here, we can see the designer puts a magical spin on this condominium unit in Costa Del Sol. This beautiful home feels extremely warm and welcoming because of the warm and earthy tones featured in this stunning space.

Just take a look at the living room. So simple, yet so elegant. The space is minimally furnished, such that there are no bulky obstructions, but there is still an abundance of storage spaces and stow-away boxes. This is just what the designers mean when they talk about balancing beauty and function

To make this space feel more like home, there is a mini photo gallery right next to the living room. This is perfect for displaying family photos or any of the homeowners’ favorite memories.

The dining area has an intimate setting, with a light strip right above the deep wooden table that provides sufficient illumination but also creates a dim setting that makes meals cozier and more personal.

The cabinets’ wood patterns are worth admiring and are a beautiful touch to the kitchen. This gives the space a more rustic feel while retaining a sense of modernity when paired with the rest of the kitchen.

The kitchen features a lighter-toned color palette, which makes it brighter and livelier. This is a great choice for the kitchen as it is usually the most bustling place of a home. Here, we can tell that the designer opted for a more vintage or retro look because of the tiled backsplash and earthy tones.

The designer showcased their versatility and understanding through this baby room. The room is simply furnished to prevent any injuries and also has colorful wall decals and carpets to create a visually stimulating room. Not to mention, the room is also bright, which is good for young children.

The last space we have yet to look at is the bathroom, and it is definitely as stunning as the rest of the home. It has an onsen-like look to it, with rectangular wall tiles and grey stone walls.

The large overhead shower makes every bath feel luxurious because of the waterfall stream. Showers will definitely feel refreshing, especially after a long and tiring day.

 Some people may overlook the design of the bathroom because it is usually a smaller room, but the designer here definitely made full use of the space and unleashed their creativity. The previously simple bathroom has been transformed into an elegant and sophisticated space.

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