Fans That Works Like Air-Conditioners

By James Frankurt , Jun 24, 2020
Fans That Works Like Air-Conditioners

If you realized, the weather in Singapore can get really unbearable! Some household may have air conditioners at home, but they may not be for everyone. Certain homes does not have space to accommodate one, or they prefer energy-saving options. Today, we are introducing certain fans that work like your cooling unit!

When it comes to fans, there are also several types. It is important to decide if your need a fan that is easily carried around or you prefer a studier option. The size of your room also determines the suitable model to choose.

Here are 7 fans we recommend for you.

#1 Treva Portable Fan : Worth The Value

Treva Portable Fan

This is one of the bestseller in Amazon! This is a battery-operated fan that is portable and can be used at home, work or outdoors. It consists of a convenient built-in handle for easy storage and transport.

Treva Portable Fan

Featuring a powerful 10-inch blade, this fan offers high and low speeds to accommodate your needs. Both settings deliver refreshing air with minimal noise to prevent distractions

For more information: Treva 10-inch portable fan

#2 Dyson Air Multiplier : Featured Tower Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier

A Dyson fan is expensive but it is also a long-term investment. It is a unique designed bladeless fan that is safe for children and pets. They are quiet and powerful while being safe to use and easy to clean.

Dyson Air Multiplier
Credit: Amazon

It features a sleep timer which can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours. emote control has the choice of 10 precise airflow settings; The remote is curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine.

For more information: Dyson Cool Air Multiplier Tower Fan

#3 Lasko Space-saving Fan : Top Pedestal Fan

Lasko Space-saving Fan

This adjustable fan is slim enough as it does not take up lots of floor space in a large room. It has an adjustable height of 41 inches to 52 inches, an optional oscillation function, sleep mode with auto shut-off and a remote control.

Lasko Space-saving Fan Features

It comes with 3 speed settings and the wind either flows up or down, therefore it is the perfect fan that caters to more than 1 person in your home.

Lasko Space-saving Fan

For more information: Lasko Space-saving Fan

#Vornado VFAN : Tabletop Fan

Vornado VFAN on shelf

This vintage-inspired table fan is aesthetically beautiful and suitable to be place anywhere on your work desk. This is a 8 inch tall fan with 2 speed settings.

Vornado VFAN
credit: Amazon

It is also equipped with an adjustable tilt head that allows you to direct the air where you need it.

For more information: Vornado VFan

#5 Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator : Best for large rooms

Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator at living room

This fan is not only efficient, it can move air up to 100 feet and comes with 4 speed settings which are mostly whisper-quiet.

Vornado Whole Room Air Circulator

This fan also tilts 90 degrees and has a gliding chrome bar that allows you to control the direction of the airflow easily.

For more information: Vornado 660 Large Room Air Circulator

#6 Lasko high Velocity : Industrial-Strength Fan

Lasko high Velocity on wall

This fan comes with 3 Powerful Speeds. The powerful motor and metal fan blades provide a cooling breeze through out the room.

Lasko high Velocity festures
credit: Amazon

It has a pivoting head to direct air flow circulation and it is also can be easily converted from floor to wall mount.

Lasko high Velocity

It is equipped with a metal fan cage and stand this fan is strong enough to last in workplace settings yet suitable for around the house thanks to built-in rubber pads on the fan stand.

For more information: Lasko High Velocity

#7 Hurricane Box Fan

Hurricane Box Fan
credit: Amazon

One advantage of a box fan is that it can be easily mount it in your window. In this way, it gives you a lot of floor space too.

Hurricane Box Fan features
credit: Amazon

This fan is 20 inches wide but it can't be tilted left or right. It comes with 3-speed settings and is ideal for dorms or study rooms.

For more information: Hurrican Box Fan

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