Four IKEA Sofa-beds We’re In Love With

By James Frankurt , Jul 09, 2021
Four IKEA Sofa-beds We’re In Love With

Sofas are bulky. But bulky is fine if it can do double-duty - like a sofa bed! Let’s take a back in history. The idea for sofa beds came about when one man named William Brouwer was inspired by the Japanese bed invention - the futon mattress. The Cambridge woodworker used the Japanese invention to create the first futon sofa bed in 1982. Then, it began to evolve to the many types of sofa beds we have today. One of the key companies that have revolutionized the evolution and the marketing of the sofa bed is IKEA - yes, our favorite cash-and-carry furniture store. We are going to look at some of our favorites Ikea sofa beds in the store right now and tell you how they may fit in your home.

VIMLE - 3-seat sofa-bed with chaise longue ($1,619)

vimle 3 seater

vimle 3 seater sofabed

Looking for a sofa that has both soft and firm features? Check this pull-out sofa out.

The seat cushions are filled with high resilience foam to give this sofa long life. It provides good support for your body and quickly regains its original shape once you get off. If that’s not enough, the sofa’s sections can be rearranged and combined in different ways to fit the size and shape that best suits you and your home. Should the need arise for a larger sofa, you just need to add a section or two.

This Ikea sofa bed can quickly and easily be transformed into an ideal spacious and comfy bed for two. Just remove the seats and back cushion before pulling out the underframe, and it’s ready.

With a 12cm thick bed mattress made with high resilience foam, it provides comfortable support for your body along with a smooth sleeping surface without bothering joints. The bed slats and mattress together provide flexible comfort and pleasant sleep support. To clean the mattress, you only have to remove the mattress cover and machine wash it.

The sofa’s back cushions can also be used as back support to make it even more comfortable when leaning against the bed. Not sure where to store the extra pillows and blanket? The chaise longue has storage under the seat for belongings.

A plus feature on this sofa is the lid that automatically stops in the open position so you can easily pick out and put back the things that you are storing.

Not sure what colour you should get your couch in? Beige is a decor chameleon. Its neutral colour allows you to pair the couch with almost any other furniture colour. Keep in mind to ensure that the style of the couch is consistent with the style of the furniture in your home.

LIDHULT - 2-seat sofa-bed, Grann/Bomstad ($2,399)

lidhut 2 seater sofabed

lidhut 2 seater sofabed

If you have a small space, maybe a love seat sofa that can be transformed to a sofa bed is the thing you need.

This particular model has pocket springs, allowing you to sit comfortably as it provides support to the right places and follows your body’s groove. The top layer of ball fibre gives the sofa’s exterior an extra soft and cosy feeling, while the high back and neck support contribute to the increase of comfort.

To turn the sofa into a bed, you only need two steps. First, remove the back cushions and secondly, pull out the underframe and there you have it. Use the back cushions as back support to lean against in the bed for added comfort.

Made with resilient foam, the mattress provides support for your entire body, and the slatted bed base can accommodate your weight, helping you get a night of better sleep.

HOLMSUND - 3-seat sofa-bed ($850)

holmsund 3 seater

holmsund 3 seater

The HOLMSUND is a three-seat sofa that is a little different from the others.

To reveal the bed, all you have to do is pull the underframe upwards and fold down the backrest. You can also angle the loose back cushions, adjust the seat depth and back support to adapt to your needs and comfort.

It’s important to ensure that your couch is clean. The covers are made of extra hard-wearing polyester with a dense texture. To clean it, all you have to do is remove the covers and throw them into the washing machine.

With the availability of storage space under the seat, you need not worry about where to store the bed linen as they can easily fit in there along with other things.

Worried about colour matching? The options available are easy to match, ideal for homes aspiring to achieve a natural and organic look.

VALLENTUNA - 3-seat modular sofa with sofa-bed and storage ($1,810)

vallentuna 3 seater

vallentuna 3 seater

VALLENTUNA is a combination furnishing that incorporates one sofa-bed module that is trouble-free to transform into a bed. It allows you to accommodate yourself and guests both day and night. It consists of two-seat modules with storage that enables you to hastily put away your belongings but still have them within reach.

The removable covers consist of both a removable fabric that can be machine washed and a fixed coated fabric that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It makes cleaning effortless.

To style your space with this sofa, pair it with a simple coffee table, a furry rug and an oversized art piece. Less is more, and you will love the result. Pair the neutral section with a wooden coffee table, some printed pillows and the Scandinavian vibe will surely capture the style of your home.

We’ve listed our top four favourite Ikea sofa beds for those who want to introduce a new sofa into the living room (or even the office). After many years of earning a bad rep for being a boring piece of furniture possessing odd angles in bulky shapes (bulkier than the common sofa), we have chosen these that are not only come in interesting upholstery, but it does not look like they are meant to be sofa beds as well.

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