Front vs Top-load washing machines

June 21st 2022

There are many types of washing machines out there. You’ve probably seen many different kinds of specifications and features in all sorts of combinations. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, one of the main decisions you have to make is whether you want a front or top-load washing machine. Most Asian households opt for top-load washing machines while front-load washing machines are common in western homes. However, do we really know the difference between the two? Here are some factors you should consider before deciding which is the best for you! 

1. ConvenienceThe most noticeable difference is that the door to front-load washers are in the front (as implied by the name), while top-load washers have their doors at the top. 

This makes it more convenient to load your clothes for top-load washing machines as you don’t have to bend down. You can also pause the wash cycle and add any more clothes if you forgot them, whereas this is pretty much impossible for front-load washers.

However, if you’re planning to have other things surrounding your washing machine, or maybe you’ve decided to get a dryer, the empty space at the top of a front-load washing machine can come in very handy.

2.  Water efficiencyIf you’ve ever walked through a home appliances store, you should be very familiar with PUB’s water efficiency ticks. Generally, front-load washing machines are more water efficient so you’ll see that most of them have more ticks compared to their top-load counterparts. High water efficiency can save you some dollars off your utilities bill so if this is an important consideration for you then front-load washers are for you. 

3. Quality of washFront-load machines have a more thorough but gentler wash. So, you won’t have to worry about your delicates becoming torn or stitching going loose. Furthermore, the wash cycles are much quieter and less aggressive. 

4. Price

With all the features you’ve heard, you may be able to guess which washing machine might be more expensive. With its higher water-efficiency, better wash quality and quieter cycles, front-load washing machines usually bear a heftier price tag. Some feel this is justified, given the features you’re getting. But, it really depends on your lifestyle and preferences. If you do frequent washes and don’t have a lot of delicate clothes then perhaps a top-load washing machine is suitable for you,


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