Going from simple to playful – patterns and colours to include in your home

January 18th 2023

Going from simple to playful – patterns and colours to include in your home  

Minimalism and simplicity have been popular interior design concepts recently. These themes give many homes a clean and organized look. But, once in a while, some of us may feel the need to switch things up and add a pop of colour or texture to our homes. 

Colours, patterns and textures can make a home feel more dynamic because it is more visually stimulating and can be a very powerful design tool if done correctly. Even if you may think that you don’t like having too much patterns in your home, you could find yourself loving certain combinations of colours or patterns after a while. 

Here are a few ways you can incorporate colours or patterns into your home!

The 60-30-10 rule

This is a rough guide as to how your colours should be distributed in your home. 

60% of your home should be your main base colour and this is the colour that usually will be covering your walls and furniture.

30% of your space should be the second colour. This provides some contrast but not too much such that it becomes jarring.

The last 10% is dedicated to an accent colour. This can be seen as a sort of statement piece, such as your accessories or throw pillow. You can be more creative with your accent colour because this is where the visual stimulus is from. 

Balance the temperature

Colours range from really cool to really warm tones. Incorporating both colours will create a comfortable space that is lively and vibrant, but also safe and calming. 

Understand the pattern scale

This is similar to the proportions we use for colours, but the pattern-equivalent is their scale. 

Scales go from small, medium, to large. Small-scale patterns are typically more regular and predictable, whereas large-scale patterns are unique designs that are more irregular. 

You’ll want to combine a solid colour with one small-scale pattern and one medium / large-scale pattern.

Creating harmony using patterns and colours

You might be afraid that having multiple colours and patterns together will create a disorienting look but if you stick to a fixed number of colours, you can create quite a cohesive look. 

Balancing pattern shapes

Patterns generally come in a range of really sharp or circular shapes. You should choose patterns that fall in either catergory because too much of one or the either can become overwhelming. 

Sharp patterns complement very nicely with circular ones to give your room some variety and balance.

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