Let’s Get Steamy: Top 5 Steam Irons of 2020

August 3rd 2020

Ironing is a chore to some. The need to place the clothes on an ironing board and ironing to-and-fro to crease-free fabrics is such a cumbersome chore. Some may find it therapeutic, some may not. Others may do anything as long as it's not ironing - like sprinkling water on clothes and hanging them close to a steaming bathroom, placing a large, heavy object on top with hopes that creases will disappear and other tricks.

Guess what?

We have good news for those who love and loathe ironing. We are sharing the low-down on the best steam irons for any budget. There is a reason why Singaporeans are raving over these mundane machines.

Time to take the clothes off the rack and steam them well!

If You’re Looking for Effectiveness - Tefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro FV5648

Tefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro FV5648

The design is sleek and looks like Burj Khalifa when placed vertically. But nevermind about the looks, we need to know if it works well.

If you are looking for a steam iron raved for its effectiveness, the Tefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro FV5648 is the one you should look at. It is not the cheapest on the market, but it does offer pretty impressive features.

It heats up quickly without overheating. Switch it on, and it will be good to glide within a few seconds. Ensure the setting is right to the fabric you’ll be ironing.

The star of the show is the unique steam propulsion technology named Turbo Boost. It produces big puffs of steam at high speed, making deep creases disappear in a flash. It also does not leave watermarks on the fabric. The soleplate is also a feature to be celebrated. The Durilium AirGlide Autoclean soleplate evenly distributes heat and glides perfectly on clothes, even those that are difficult to iron. You have the option of hang-steam your clothes too.

It also has a removable scale collector (or calc, as some would call it) that collects the hardened limescale that might inhibit the effectiveness of the steam after you have used the iron for some time. If you are looking to half your usual ironing time, the Tefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro FV5648 is the answer to your prayer.

If You’re Looking for a Budget Buy - PowerPac Dry and Spray PPIN1200 Steam Iron

PowerPac Dry and Spray PPIN1200 Steam Iron

If your household budget does not permit you to get a high-flying costly iron, don’t fret. The PowerPac Dry and Spray PPIN1200 Steam Iron is affordable with a price tag of below $30 that will not burn your clothes and your wallet. It features continuous steam and adjustable temperature controls. You can choose from four different functions:

  1. Dry
  2. Spray
  3. Steam
  4. Powerful steam burst

These functions enable you to iron your clothes flat or by vertical steaming. For long-lasting usage, it also has a self-cleaning function so none of the steam valves get clogged up. It is also fitted with a teflon soleplate, suitable to iron on delicate or thick fabrics.

If You’re Forgetful and Always Busy - Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite

Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite

Have you ever been distracted by the many things running in your household, you forget you were ironing clothes? By the time you find out, your best shirt is crisp but burnt. You probably are a good multi-tasker, but when it comes to ironing, maybe you should get Philips GC5039/30 Azur Elite. With this gorgeous looking steam machine, you’ll never ruin another shirt again.

There are no temperature dials on this steam iron because it is a smart gadget that adjusts the heat and rate of steam depending on your ironing movements and fabric type. All you have to do is switch it on and start steaming. It has a DynamiQ steam mode with motion speed sensors (it might be the Tesla of irons), so it delivers more steam during slow movements that indicate ironing over deep creases. The Turbo Steam pump releases continuous steam that penetrates more steam to remove stubborn wrinkles. The iron is smart enough to shut-off automatically when left unattended for two minutes while standing. On its heel rest, it will switch off after eight minutes.

There is a Quick Calc Release to get rid of limestone buildup. Not to forget the SteamGlide Advanced Sole Plate to provide users with ultimate gliding, so it is easy to manoeuvre the gadget. It is made from aluminium, coated with six layers and a titanium layer.

If You Do Not Have Much Space At Home - Xiaomi Lofans YPZ-7878

Xiaomi Lofans YPZ-7878

Cute, cordless, and convenient, the Xiaomi Lofans YPZ-7878 is the dream gadget of small homes, especially if you don’t have enough plugs in your house, and you’d have to drag the extension wire to where you are supposed to be ironing your clothes. Easy to stow away with an integrated charging and storage hub, this iron is small but packs a punch. It has a three-speed electronic thermostat that goes low, medium to high gear at different temperature levels.

Equipped with intelligent electronic temperature control with thermal fuse design, it will power-off automatically in approximately 15 minutes. The aluminum alloy plate has a ceramic glaze for fast thermal conductivity and smooth glide.

It comes with a portable dust cover to shield the iron and its base from any dust or dents when being kept.

If You Want Power - Morphy Richards 332001 Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite

Morphy Richards 332001 Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite

It looks like a launcher of some sort, and it certainly will launch a new era of how we iron clothes. It has a massive water tank of 2.2 litres, and you can iron multiple layers at one go! Got five t-shirts to un-crease? Lay them on top of each other, and the Morphy Richards 332001 Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite will make wrinkles disappear with one glide. It means less time needed to iron!

Some may be taken aback by its bulky form, but it is so to make your ironing process a dream and not a chore. The iron itself is light and equipped with three steam settings.

Cleaning is easy with its auto-clean function that automatically cleans and flushes out unwanted limescale on its own. You can then pour the residue out after it has cleaned itself. When you want to stow it away, you can lock the iron to its base for easy and safe carrying.

Comparison table:

SpecsTefal Steam Iron Turbo Pro FV5648PowerPac Dry and Spray PPIN1200 Steam IronPhilips GC5039/30 Azur EliteXiaomi Lofans YPZ-7878Morphy Richards 332001 Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite
Steam output220gNot stated75g20g170g
Self-cleaning functionYesYesYesYesYes
Water tank0.3 litresNot stated0.35 litres0.16 litres2.2 litres
Weight1.6kg0.5kg2.35kg2.05kg7.02kg (including bottom)

Now that you’ve got a short but concise list of the most sought after irons in Singapore, you can make an informed decision before you invest in an iron. Who knows? With one that suits your lifestyle, you might actually begin to enjoy ironing. Check out Renodot’s GoodReads every few days because we’ve got more content and home gadget reviews that will help you make the best decision for your home.

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