Make your home pop with these interior colour schemes

February 26th 2021

Have you ever looked at a space and say, “Oh, we can add this here, and that there and fill up the space and have more stuff here…” Most people desire filling spaces, similar to filling empty notebooks, filling our time with more things to get done and more. In the end, the space gets cluttered… Is there a solution? Yes! Fill it with different interior colour schemes!

In this article, we look at how the interior designers at Meter Square utilise walls and surfaces in two spaces, accentuating it with colour so the area looks filled, but it remains spacious at the same time.

You Are GOLD!

In this case, we mean adding gold accents in your home.

Meter square - kitchen

If not for the colour accents of gold and green, this kitchen would be rather simple, with personality marked absent. Usually, people would feel as if the interior is incomplete. But by adding colour and not objects to this area, it comes alive!

We absolutely love the fish scale tiles that make up the splashback. Without the gold grout, it would simply be a white splashback - pretty, but boring.

Here’s a tip, if you already have an all-white kitchen (including the splashback), but are facing issues with the darkening grout, you can opt to paint the grout, just like what is pictured above.

Grout can be coloured with dyes after installation (provided that it is still solid).Consider changing it into a darker colour if you are working with what you already have, or a lighter colour if you are looking to renovate your kitchen.

meter square - kitchen 2

Dark green and gold is a colour match made in heaven. It compliments each other so well, it will be a waste to not pair them together.

But it must be done correctly.

What Meter Square has done is accent the green with gold details.  It gives that glimmering touch that makes items look expensive. From the faucet to the drawer bars, they manage to recreate the elegant interior inspired by a 1930s glamour movie.

meter square - kitchen 3

The kitchen is equipped with a sash window that slides along the rail to open and close. Truth be told, that does not allow a lot of natural light to come in. Therefore, under cabinet lights are needed to ensure this work space is lighted appropriately for cooking.

We’d also like to highlight the placing of the fish scale tiles. See that the tips are facing downwards. Though there are a few ways to style these Moroccan tiles, having the tips face downwards will make the space appear larger.

Ray in Your Grey

Grey is the ultimate neutral and a favourite choice of many who are renovating their homes. It is sophisticated and versatile, perfect for those who prefer an industrial themed interior design.

However, while grey is a calming and peaceful colour, it can sometimes be borderline depressing.


meter square - bathroom 1

A pop of colour.

Here, the pop of colour is unusual - PINK? Isn’t that for little girls only?

Ah, but there is nothing little or girly about this pair. It is bold and vibrant on its own, but when paired with grey, magic happens!

meter square - bathroom 2

When using pink, do not introduce too much of it. Try incorporating the colour into an element of the home that will bring a surprise.

Like a pink bathtub, for example. Have you seen a pink bathtub?

Not likely.

You’d see a fair share of white, and white, and white, and more white.

This is where pink gives the whole bathroom character and a brand new vibe.

Psst, do you know that you can reglaze an old bathtub with a brand new colour? Maybe pink will be a good choice!

meter square - bathroom 3

What gives this soaking bathtub and the extra edge is how it fits with the matte-ness of the bathroom. From the sandy grey tiles to the black hardware that makes up the shower faucet and head, it does not stray too far from the theme by being all glossy and ‘in-your-face’.

meter square - bathroom 4

When adding such accents in the bathroom, choose one more item to carry that colour as well.

Here, Meter Square used a pink sink to highlight the theme. You could choose to have a pink throne too (we’re talking about the toilet bowl), but we think that would be taking too much surface area.

We also love how the sink and bathtub are similar in shape.

As for the overall decor in the bathroom, it is kept minimal with very little colour variations because the pop of colour makes the bathroom unforgettable.

There are many interior colour schemes available so check out our GoodReads for more designs and inspirations.

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