Natural stone - for an elegant and sophisticated home

December 7th 2022

Natural stone - for an elegant and sophisticated home

Natural stone is known for its unique vintage look that can instantly elevate the look of your home. Not only does natural stone have an interesting look, it is a suitable material for many homes because of its durability and versatility. Natural stone is easy to maintain and hygienic, which is why you often see it in many kitchens. 

There are many ways you can explore the use of natural stone in your home. This is especially so for larger homes that have more spaces for you to get creative. As we’ll see in the following homes, natural stone indeed lends a very elegant touch to any home.

If your home already has a nature-inspired theme, natural stone will fit right in! To fully recreate that natural look, natural stone complements plants and neutral colour palettes nicely. This look is common in spaces that adopt an open concept.

Natural stones, like granite and limestone, would be a good choice for your floor or walls because they are easy to clean and maintain, and can last a long time.

If you’re a fanatic for natural stone, you could always centre your entire interior design concept around it. Decorating your walls and floor with stones, like onyx and quartzite, can create a more industrial look whereas marble can create a classier and more elegant look.

However, if you would just like a subtle touch of natural stone in your home, you could always have it as the material for your countertop or as a section of your floor. While the prices for certain natural stones can be rather steep, it is a long-term investment as these stones can last almost a lifetime.

It is important to note that different natural stones have different properties. While most of them are extremely suitable, some of them are more suited for specific conditions. For example, you may not want sandstone in your kitchen because they can absorb water and become slippery when wet.

It is important that you research on the type of natural stone you plan to use and how to properly take care of them. Most natural stones are sensitive to acids, so you should avoid acid-based cleaners. Having your natural stone countertop corrode and become brittle is definitely a nightmare because the replacement process can be rather tedious and can also make your home look cheap.

The material you choose will greatly shape the look and atmosphere of your home, so do take the time before making your final decision! 

Last but not least, be sure of the interior design concept and how you want to incorporate natural stones into your home. Once installed, it’s difficult, or expensive to change the material of your walls, floor and countertop. If you’re unsure of the decision you should make, you could always get the expert opinion of an interior designer.

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