Neutral Home Design for a Minimalist Interior.

March 2nd 2021

Let’s do a little walk down memory lane. Do you remember how interior design was like in the mid to late ’90s? Some of you may be too young to remember, but most of it is either woodsy, floral or neutral. When we stumbled upon this 3-bedroom HDB BTO designed by 1618 Studio, we almost had flashbacks of the simpler times and we loved how they made the 1990s and 2010s work by amalgamating it with minimalist interior that is the hype today.

1618 studio - living room 1

Neutrals were big in the '90s, and we see it making a comeback in the new decade. Interior designs in the first two decades of the 2000s played with dark, ebony cabinets and flooring, but guess what? It’s making its way out the door.

Fresh but neutral hues are making a comeback, especially flooring. There are designs from that era that we don’t need to resurrect, but the ideas that 1618 Studio did, however, created a home that brings on a new angle to what “outdated” furnishings can do when merged with what is in today.

1618 studio - living room 2

One of those is using light-pine coloured flooring instead of sheeny epoxy floors. We also loved that they created a cream canvas by painting whites with yellow undertones throughout the home.

The functional track lighting is used in the living room. If you didn’t know, it is a more cost-effective light solution where you can change its direction according to your needs, as compared to recessed lighting that requires structural remodelling of the ceiling.

But to those who love it, you’d be thrilled to see that lined recessed lighting is placed along the wall, cut below the air conditioner, to give it a minimal yet modern illumination.

1618 studio - living room 3

From this angle, you can clearly see that the light flooring and cream overalls present a MUJI-like home - though with the use of less wood.

This is the epitome of a small home but smart design.

1618 studio - dining area 1

From the layout, we see there isn’t much space to put a dining table. Instead, 1618 Studio extends the kitchen counter to the periphery of the living room, places dining chairs, and voila - a dining table!

Your eating space does not always have to be the standard round or rectangle table. Instead, you can opt for a dinette or a kitchen diner.

The marble top table is classy and easy to clean. It also resembles bar tables with the height brought down to accommodate a more dinner-friendly setting.

1618 studio - living room 4

Ah, colour!

This is probably the only furnishing that stands contrasting everything in the living area, and possibly, the entire unit.

This upholstered sofa in navy blue is surprisingly the “brightest” in the room. With the yellow throw, a bold statement is made. It also plays a decorative addition to the otherwise, white room.

1618 studio - kitchen 1

What do people want in their kitchen design?

For most who cook often, they’d opt for a tranquil kitchen where the colour scheme and furnishings reflect airiness. To achieve that, opt for light pastel colours. Here, we see beiges and creams. The white countertops, modern electrical items and recessed lighting help accentuate the modern kitchen.

1618 studio - kitchen 2

The only issue about having electrical items in the kitchen is the wires. If you’ve watched Selena Gomez in the kitchen on HBOMax, you’d see how she burnt the electrical wiring on the stove when she was trying to emulsify her food.

None of this should happen in your kitchen!

That is why we think it is genius to have plugs above the backsplash and hidden above the cabinet where no one can see (we love uncluttered spaces) and still easy to reach.

1618 studio - kitchen 3

One design we don’t see often enough is kitchen curves. For functionality’s sake, rid of sharp edges when you have toddlers at home.

In terms of aesthetics, curves create a softer and warmer feel to the kitchen.

1618 studio - bathroom 1

The bathroom should also be a place where tranquillity resides. Adorned from wall to floor in sand-coloured marble tiles and good lighting, this is how a bathroom should be styled.

Highlights of the bathroom include a sitting area in the shower that is perfect if you have an older person or a young child with you. Some days, you just got to have a seat while the warm shower washes off your worries of the day.

We love the fact that the shower stall is tucked at the corner and covered, so water does not splash out of it, keeping the bathroom dry and safe.

1618 studio - bedroom

A Muji-style bedroom? We say, YES!

Though less is more, you still need a place to organise the “less” that you have. Here, we see light-coloured built-in cabinets that fall just a little warmer in hue as compared to the Herringbone tiles.

1618 studio - bedroom 2

The design of the room leans heavily on continuity. From the bed, a bedside table seems to be “birthed” from its side, elongating all the way to the wardrobe. This allows for extra storage but without undermining the aesthetics of the room.

If you love the simplicity and minimalist interior in this home, check more of 1618 Studio on Renodots. If you like what you see, drop them a line, and they will quote for you based on your home’s needs- no strings attached!

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