New colour trends in 2023

November 11th 2022

New colour trends in 2023

Are you looking into the newest 2023 colour trends, or perhaps wondering how you can predict the colour trends in interior design? It’s simple. You can do so by looking at the releases of paint companies and leading design firms’ 2023 paint colour trends, especially since they have the most knowledge and inside information in the interior design industry. With that said, let us take a closer look at the new colour trends in 2023! 

Raspberry Blush 

Raspberry Blush is a vibrant shade of coral with pink undertones that can energise any space in your home. With that said, it is the perfect colour to fit the 2023 colour trend – bold, bright, and simply alluring. In order to highlight the joyful and dynamic role that colour and music play in self-expression and life, Benjamin Moore collaborated with the electro-funk duo Chromeo to create a fresh song called “Raspberry Blush”. 

Take a look at how beautiful Raspberry Blush can look in any space! On the left, Raspberry Blush helps to bring a blushed update to the deep red dining room. And here’s a fun fact, painting red for your dining room’s walls is the perfect way to increase your appetite and satisfaction towards food. 

Apart from this incredible benefit, Raspberry Blush can also add a pop of colour and personality to your living room. Painting an accent Raspberry Blush wall, like the living room on the right, is a great way to bring life to any room without it being too overwhelming. At the same time, you could pair Raspberry Blush with dark wood for a deeper and richer aesthetic, or pair it with white or brighter colours to brighten up your room. 

Savannah Green

If you love yellow and green tones, you would love to hear that Savannah Green is taking the spotlight in 2023 colour trends. With unique yellow, green and deep ochre undertones,
Savannah Green is a striking colour that can work perfectly with any neutral or rich colour. You may explore higher sheens for a glossy take on this vivacious colour, which can add a touch of whimsical drama or calm colours in any space. 

For instance, take a look at the rooms above. You can pair Savannah Green with white or yellow-based furnishings for additional contrast and pop of colour. At the same time, using Savannah Green as your bedroom backdrop colour can offer a citrus-infused calm and zen. With that said, we also recommend using Savannah Green for additional creative inspiration or as a great accented wall to spice up your home. 


Another new colour trend you can expect to see in 2023 has to be wenge. While wenge may appear to be black at first glance, it is actually a complex chocolate colour with undertones of violet, black, and brown. 

Although Wenge may be a darker shade of colour, do not be fooled that it can only be used for a darker-themed home. With its warm undertones, when placed suitably, Wenge can help enhance the saturated colours in any space or add harmony to a more sophisticated area. 

Here are just some examples of how Wenge can be the perfect colour for your home! Combining both drama and comfort, it can help create dimension, depth, and personality in any space. At the same time, you can also make use of it as a unique focal point just like the kitchen on the right. The rich hues of Wenge can give the perfect sophisticated and warm mood for your living rooms as well. Meanwhile, the image on the right also showcases how Wenge can be the perfect accented wall colour to make the rest of the area pop in colour. 



If Wenge is too dark a shade for your liking, you’ll fall head over heels with Cinnamon – the next highly-anticipated colour of 2023. And Cinnamon certainly lives up to its sweet-sounding name! 

With orange undertones, this rich and beautiful brown shade of colour works perfectly as a bridge between both more saturated and neutral tones. Be it as a neutral backdrop or as a bolder shade of colour, Cinnamon plays whatever role you want in any space. 

Here are just some examples of how versatile and beautiful Cinnamon can look in your home. For example, pairing Cinnamon with darker shades of colours and red undertones, or with a fireplace can help to enhance the warmth and comfort in the room. Not only that, but Cinnamon can also help to make the space warm and inviting, but at the same time, not too dull or boring. The room on the right, on the other hand, is a great showcase of how Cinnamon can be matched with brighter colours or as an accent wall. With how versatile, warm, and simply beautiful it looks, it’s no wonder why experts are predicting that Cinnamon will be part of 2023’s colour trend. 

Conch Shell

For those of you who love a gentle, calming, and sweet colour, Conch Shell is the perfect one for you. This dusty shade with soft pink and sepia undertones definitely lives up to its’ name of Conch Shell – where this beautiful shade can remind you of beautiful sunsets or charming conches along the beach. 

But what makes Conch Shell stand out and take the crown in 2023’s trend is its’ ability to work as a comforting and neutral colour, while at the same time, adding a touch of colour and personality to any space. 

Here are some examples of how Conch Shell can brighten up any space with its charming pink shades. Pairing Conch Shell with white or neutral rooms, such as the room on the left, can help create a calming and inviting space with a touch of colour. But when you match Conch Shell with a brighter shade of red, it can help create a more unique monochromatic style without overpowering the bright shade of red. 

North Sea Green 

For all green lovers, don’t fret because you’re not forgotten in the 2023 colour trend. North Sea Green is taking the spotlight in 2023 and it’s hard not to see why. After all, this beautiful teal shade of green is not only rich and inviting, but it is also calming and relaxing to look at. 

In fact, it has both blue-green and grey-blue undertones to match any space in your home. And with how the pandemic and recent challenging times have taken a toll on many of us, it is no wonder why such a soothing and deep colour like North Sea Green is winning the hearts of many. 

Here are just some examples of how North Sea Green can enhance your home. For instance, using North Sea Green in your bedroom can invoke a sense of peace and calm, while at the same time, does not appear too dull or depressing. It certainly creates a room that you would love to return home to every day. On the other hand, using North Sea Green in your dining area and matching it with white accents and some greenery can create a comfortable, cosy, inviting, and intimate area to entertain and dine in.  

2023 is soon approaching and with this list of the latest colour trends in interior design, you’re more than ready to take on the new year! New year, new home, new you!

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