Ovon Design – 30 Bedok Residences

June 21st 2022

Ovon Design – 30 Bedok Residences

Ovon design should be a familiar name if you have been looking into interior design companies. They are a team of skillful individuals with an eye for detail and creativity. They have an extensive portfolio with many beautiful projects for you to look through. The designers always aim to surpass expectations and the number of satisfied clients that they have, just shows you the level of expertise that they have. Here’s another one of their projects in a home at Bedok residences. 

Living room

This darker-toned living room creates an intimate and cosy setting. The monochrome furniture nicely complements the deep wooden walls and shelving. The professional and classy look is elevated with the use of simple decorations such as the display at the side of the television and plant pot to give the space a splash of colour. 


Many of us have hectic schedules and sometimes, it may feel like you don’t even have the time to breathe. Fret not, as the designers included this balcony area to remind you of the need to rest despite the chaos of everyday life. This sitting area overlooks the beautiful skyline and you can get a good breathe of fresh air. It also serves as a nice area for you and your guests to have a heart-to-heart chat.


The dark colour scheme of the home extends to the kitchen. The subtle floral notes are also present to brighten up the kitchen. Not only does this create an aesthetically pleasing effect, dark colours for the kitchen are also useful as stains do not show up as easily. The designers smartly decided not to over clutter the kitchen as it might make the kitchen look smaller and claustrophobic.

Dining area

The dining room has a very sophisticated look. This is achieved through the blending of many cohesive element to create an overall elegant theme. The crown ceiling creates an interesting dimension to the room by adding height, the reflective panels adds depth by creating distance and the backlit cabinets are a classy way to display your decorations. 

The dining room is separated from the kitchen through a sleek white door with a see-through panel. This creates more geometry in the room that gives a greater sense of organization and neatness.


The bedroom has to be the most comfortable room in any home because it is an important space of rest. This is definitely the case for this home. The storage cabinets next to the bed allow you to put away your clothes neatly and out of sight. The display cabinets ensure that you have convenient access to your carry-on accessories before you leave for the day. And most importantly, the television is nicely mounted for you to have a full view of your favourite television show from the comfort of your bed.

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