Shopee Monthly Sales – What Are All These Monthly Sales

By James Frankurt , May 05, 2021
Shopee Monthly Sales – What Are All These Monthly Sales

By now you’ve definitely heard of the (in)famous 11.11 Singles Day sale, and probably the 12.12 sale which coincides with Shopee’s anniversary. But what are all of these new 5.5 monthly sales about and are they really worth it? Let's look at what these Shopee monthly sales are and whether they’re legit or just another cash grab.

11.11 Singles Day

11.11 Singles Day was the sale that started it all. Take it as the Asian version of Black Friday, where it started with massive price cuts and discount offers in China. With huge retail giants Alibaba and Taobao starting this tradition since 2009.

More recently, local retailers like Lazada and Shopee have jumped onto this trend and started offering not just 11.11 sales, but also starting 12.12 sales, which happen to coincide with Shopees anniversary. These have been the major sale periods for the online retailers for several years until more recently.

1.1, 2.2, 3.3… Every Month a New Sale

shopee sales banner 1
Credit: https://shopee.sg/m/5-5edit

And with the success of the 11.11 and 12.12 sales have come the new regular Shopee monthly sales on these platforms. These sales have flooded the front page of online retailers at the end and beginning of each month to remind users one their upcoming deals and specials. So how worthwhile are these Shopee monthly sales really, and do you actually save money?

More Vouchers

shopee vouchers

As with every sale, there must be some opportunity for users to benefit. Be it cheaper sales price, free shipping or free add ons, and vouchers have been an effective way to slash the price of those things you have been eyeing.

Collect the different types of vouchers and stack them together to create substantial discounts on your items, from platform vouchers, to shipping vouchers, to even participating bank vouchers. Use multiple vouchers of different types in one order to maximize your savings and lower the overall price of your purchase. Or if you have more of one type of voucher, you can even split your purchases up to multiple orders so you can maximize your savings.

Take note, some vouchers may have different spending limits and may have different terms and conditions. It can be tricky to navigate with the fine print excluding voucher use for some items or shops so be sure to double check what has been applied at check-out before paying.

Flash Deals

shopee flash sales schedule

With so many items and shops on sale it can get hard to narrow down what are the things you want to buy, so platforms like Shopee have made things easier for you. With Hourly flash deals, you’ll find your self browsing and window shopping every hour on the hour because there’s a limited stock of items on sale, and the special price only lasts for that hour.

While this may look like they’re making things convenient for you since you now know when to go in and get what you want. But the trick works both ways. Knowing stock levels (and scarcity of the item) makes you more likely to commit to the purchase, and do it quickly, for fear of missing out if the item does get sold out.

Sale Strategies

So how exactly can you make the most of these online sales and avoid spending more than you should? Well, there are a few ways you can try.

Collect as many vouchers as possible

Some vouchers are time and quantity limited, meaning you can only claim them up to a certain date or time, or that they only release a limited quantity and it’s a first come first served manner of distribution. So check in on the websites early and set reminders on when those vouchers go up for grabs.

Make a Shopping List Early

To avoid over buying, you can make a shopping list early to avoid browsing too much and getting tempted during the sales. Add the items you want to your cart a day or two before so when the sale comes you can simply check-out without having to scroll through too many good-looking deals.

Compare the Prices

Another trick on these sales is that the listed price is rarely the actual selling price. By inflating the price of the item and then cutting it down to the sale price, it looks like you’re getting a great deal. But are you really getting such a good deal? Well, you can find out by comparing the price across multiple websites and sources (even comparing across different sales).

For Example, taking a Xiaomi Mi Robot Cleaner

xiao mi 1
RetailerShopee (Official Xiaomi Store)Lazada (Official Xiaomi Store)EzBuy (Third Party Dealer)
Retail price$299.00$329.00$249
Sale price$209.00$299.00-

Even when it’s sold by the official retailing store, the final price of the same item can be greatly varied which goes to show the importance of price comparison. Looking at the discount on Lazada, it can be tempting to see a $30 discount and it sounds like a good deal (especially if you were already looking to get the item). But it would pay to check the other sites (or even a physical store), and compare the price, and in this case, doing the due diligence could save you an additional $90 if you buy it off Shopee instead (or at the same price as Lazada during any other period).

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