Should I choose a leather or fabric sofa?

May 11th 2022

Should I choose a leather or fabric sofa?

Shopping for a new sofa is a major decision. After all, it is where you, your family, and guests will probably hang out in your home the most. Coupled with the endless types of sofas available, it is no surprise that sofa shopping can become confusing and overwhelming for many of us. And typically, this comes down to choosing between a leather or fabric sofa. Hence, here are some of the pros and cons of both materials to help you choose the perfect sofa for you.  


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If you are a busy person or one who prefers to have more free time, you should go for a low-maintenance sofa. After all, a low-maintenance sofa ensures that you do not need to spend much time cleaning up your sofa, while still enjoying a clean and seemingly brand-new sofa. Admittedly, various types and qualities of fabric and leather sofa leather will require different maintenance levels. Nonetheless, leather sofas are generally much more resistant and easy to care for. Here are some specific aspects of both types of sofas.

Leather sofa

As you may probably know, leather is incredibly stain-resistant. This is because of the tanning process used during manufacturing, which allows them to repel most food and beverage spills. Hence, you only need to occasionally clean it with a damp cloth, or with an approved leather cleaner. Here is a tip. While leather sofas are more resistant and low-maintenance than fabric sofas, remember to understand the specific type of leather sofa you own. Be it high-quality real leather, faux leather, aniline leather, or semi-aniline leather, they have slightly differing maintenance protocols. Hence, be sure to check it out.

Fabric sofa

In general, fabric sofas require more maintenance. After all, most fabric sofas get easily stained by food or beverages spills. If you think that a darker fabric can help you in this, you will be surprised to know that is not true. While it may be slightly more difficult to see the liquid stains on your darker fabric sofa, you will also notice more dust or pet fur on it. Hence, be it a lighter or darker fabric sofa, it will still require daily cleaning to ensure it remains clean. For instance, you can vacuum your sofa regularly, treat any stains with mild detergent and leave it to dry. For more stubborn stains, you can also remove the fabric cover and drop them at the dry cleaners.


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Looking for a sofa that can stand the test of time? Opt for a leather sofa, instead of a fabric one. In fact, one reason why leather sofas are low-maintenance is because of their’ incredible durability. Read on for more specific details of leather and fabric sofas’ durability.

Leather sofa

Did you know that leather sofa last on average at least five years longer than fabric sofas? This is how much more durable leather sofas are. Not only are they hypoallergenic, but they also do not trap pets’ fur or dust mites like fabric would. In addition, you do not need to worry about your leather sofa tearing or fraying. However, it is important to note that despite being more durable, leather sofas can still be scratched by sharp objects. Thus, if you own a pet, remember to cut your pet’s nails often to ensure it does not accidentally scratch your leather sofa. This will allow you to enjoy a long-lasting and durable leather sofa. If you love an aged sofa look, here is a fun fact about leather sofas: they get even better with casual wear and tear.

Fabric sofa

Unfortunately, a fabric sofa loses to a leather sofa in terms of its durability. And that means that no matter how beautiful the pattern or colour of your fabric sofa, its colour will still fade out rather quickly. And this poor colour durability of fabric sofas can be caused by excessive use of the sofa, frequent cleaning, or by unavoidable reasons like fading out due to age. In addition, fabric sofas tend to wear down and become thinner over time. Nonetheless, if you still want a fabric sofa, here are some tips to improve its durability of it. Pick a higher-quality fabric sofa and ensure that it has a rub rate of more than 25,000. The rub rate can also sometimes be called the Martindale rub test, which helps to check a sofa’s durability.


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If you tend to spend more time on your sofa or value your comfort, you should get a fabric sofa instead of a leather sofa. But what exactly makes a sofa comfortable? While there may be many factors that affect the comfort of your sofa, it generally comes down to the type of textile and the support system, such as cushions and frames. And this is why the choice of fabric is important for a comfier sofa. In particular, here is why fabric sofas win leather sofas in terms of comfort.

Leather sofa

Have you ever experienced sitting on a leather seat when it is really sunny? Don’t you agree that it seems exceptionally hot then? This is because leather seats tend to absorb heat quickly and retain heat for a longer time. In addition, leather sofas can feel uncomfortably chilly in a colder room too. Thus, leather sofas are generally known to be less comfortable than fabric sofas. However, if you prefer a firmer seat, leather sofas will suit your seating comfort level.

Fabric sofa

Without a doubt, fabric sofas can offer you all the comfort you need. After all, they come in varying sprints and textures, hence you can definitely find one that suits your comfort preference. For instance, you can go for a velvet fabric sofa if you prefer a softer sofa. On the other hand, you can also choose linen and printed cotton type of fabric sofa for a bit of a crisper texture. Here is a tip. Choose a higher quality fabric. This ensures that it retains its’ softness, and even if you stand up, it will not loosen or wrinkle up.


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Are you working on a tight budget or want to save more money? If your answer is yes, you should go for the less expensive fabric sofa. While the cost of both types of sofas varies depending on the quality, fabric sofa tends to be cheaper in general. Here is why. 

Leather sofa

Did you know that one of the most expensive sofas in the world is Plume Blanche’s diamond-encrusted, mahogany and leather sofa? It is priced at an exorbitant $184 000. While this extremely expensive sofa is not representative of all leather sofas, it goes to show how expensive leather sofas can be. After all, most leather sofas are known to be more durable and of better quality than fabric sofas. Hence, it is not a surprise that they tend to cost less. And while certain types of leather may cost less, they tend to be of lower quality and have poorer durability. Thus, if you are planning to get a leather sofa, you will most likely want a higher quality one that can last longer, and hence spend more money.  

Fabric sofa

Fabric sofas would be perfect for you if you want a cost-effective and affordable option. This is because fabric sofas tend to come in a wide range of designs, prints, and textures. Hence, allowing you to choose the various fabric at differing prices. And that means there will definitely be one that fits your budget and is worth its value. However, this also means that certain higher-end fabric sofas can be a little more expensive. Nonetheless, the total cost of such a higher grade fabric sofa will still cost less than the same model with leather upholstery. Hence, fabric sofas are generally cheaper than leather sofas.

We hope these pros and cons of both materials will help you choose the perfect sofa for your forever home.  


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