The Curve Appeal: Incorporating it into your home

January 18th 2023

The Curve Appeal: Incorporating it into your home

Don't be afraid to flaunt your curves! That is undoubtedly our collective New Year's mantra: it's all about curve appeal. Interior design has mostly focused on straight lines and simple designs in recent decades. This is the most practical method of furniture design, but it isn't usually the most attractive. This isn't to imply that your straight-lined furniture isn't fine, but it might be time to update it during your next home décor refresh. The majority of furniture is rectilinear in style, with straight lines and squared-off angles. 

Curves, on the other hand, are the way to go if you want to soften your interior design style. They've always been a part of design, but they appear to be getting a lot more attention now. The use of curved lines rather than straight ones is known as curve appeal. This implies that the backs of sofas, chair sides, tables, and many other interior design components will be curved. Curve is the word, according to Pinterest's design forecasts for 2022. We're still seeing arched built-ins and walks, circular kitchen islands, and curving furniture now that the year is well underway. 

Curves give your interior design a distinctive form. They have a contemporary and antique appearance, making them ideal for any minimalist house in need of a little something "extra" to add visual appeal. Curves also give any property a gentler appearance. They don't have the same abrasiveness as straight lines and edges. They're ideal for places that are meant to be relaxing, such as living rooms and bedrooms. 

How can you take advantage of the curve appeal craze? To change up your interior house renovation project, you don't need a fully curving home. Here are some ideas for incorporating curve appeal into your house.

A curve’s hug

Who doesn't like a good hug? Curves are clearly furniture's way of hugging you. Curves have the ability to provide the ultimate cocooning effect, which is wonderful for a bedroom. The bedroom, of course, is the most sacred of all the rooms in the house. Where you want to feel safe and secure. Even if you decide for a cold gray color scheme like the one above, the headboard rescues the day. The orange/red blanket, pillow, and bedside table add a flash of color. There are a number of curved headboard beds, such as the one shown below. It delicately wraps itself around the design's top, implying an embrace. Along with the circular, simple legs, the cushioned base has been given gently curved edges, providing a calm synchronization.

Image credit: Bonaldo

Mix and match

Don't try to follow the curve appeal trend with all of your furniture and accessories. This is not just a waste of money, but it also means you won't be getting the most out of your voluptuous new clothes. Curves and edges may be mixed and matched to create a distinctive area. You don't need to fill your entire house with curved stuff. Sometimes a single curved centerpiece is all that's required. For instance, we adore the aesthetic of a single curve-backed couch in the middle of a room with mostly straight lines and corners. It gives the couch a more distinctive appearance.

Image credit: CollegeHunks


If purchasing new furniture isn't an option right now, or if you're committed to the furniture you already have, you may still embrace the curve appeal trend with accessories and décor. This is a more practical and cost-effective method to incorporate curves into your house. Curve attractiveness isn't the only benefit of curves. They also add movement to a design. Poufs and side tables are great ways to vary the forms in a room. If you have a corner sofa, for example, with all of its straight lines and angles, add a pair of curved poufs like these and you've not only brought more seating, but also individuality to the area. The legs are optional, but we promise that the poufs don't move — with or without them! 

Begin with your wall decorations. A new and stylish design may be achieved by replacing square frames with circular or ovular ones. Have you been seeking a full-length mirror but can't seem to find one? For a delicate effect, choose one that is arch-shaped and lean it against your wall (and a perfect selfie spot). We propose using spherical plant pots and your favorite plants to surround them. Curvy ornaments may also be purchased to adorn shelves and side tables. They're sleek, contemporary, and one-of-a-kind. Is your room furnished with a rug? Opt for a round or oval rug instead. Don't be scared to be daring with your accessories (particularly if you're not replacing your furniture). A few bold items will not overpower the space.

Image credit: CollegeHunks

Pick up the right placement

It makes sense to arrange your furniture against the wall since it has straight lines and edges. This isn't the greatest solution if you have curved furniture. There will be empty space, and you will not be maximizing the design. We propose making your curved furniture the focal point of your room. A modest eating area with two curving chairs and a circular table is understated yet effective. To make the room even more fascinating, place the furniture on top of a curving rug. If feasible, put your sofa in the middle of the room and add no more than two independent curving chairs on either side. Use your imagination when it comes to positioning. You have the ability to think beyond the box!

Image credit: CollegeHunks

Home renovation ideas

If you're building a new house or remodeling an existing one, you might want to consider incorporating curve appeal into the interior design in a unique way. Curve appeal is a trend, so keep that in mind. Before you make any permanent modifications to the interior of your house, make sure you like it. Consider putting circular arches in your hallways' entryways and anywhere else where there isn't a true door. This is a simple (and classic) approach to "complete" your home design. Built-in shelves with spherical tops can also be added. In living rooms and kitchens, these look fantastic.

Image credits: S+H construction

Try a vintage look

One of the nicest things about the curve appeal style is that you can locate vintage furniture and décor pieces that go nicely with it. Anyone who enjoys thrifting and the excitement of "the hunt" will like this. Vintage things will not only save you money, but they will also be more environmentally friendly, and you will be able to locate genuinely unique items.

Image credit: CollegeHunks

Strong angles, harsh edges, and straight lines characterize many dynamic places. While they're eye-catching, they're rarely relaxing. We all need a little comfort in today's world. Curves are introduced. When it comes to integrating comfort, fluidity, and ease into starkly angular spaces, clever designers rely on rounded forms, circular shapes, and coiled patterns.

The curve appeal trend isn't for everyone, but it could be for you if you're weary of the same old lines and edges. You could feel cramped if there are too many straight lines. You can feel like you're in a kid's soft play area if there are too many bends. It's all about striking the right balance. Begin by introducing a few curved design components into your house gradually. If you adore them, it's time to go furniture shopping and completely redecorate your home. 

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