Trio-Themed Bungalow by Livinci Interior Design

June 25th 2020

Imagine having a home so big you can incorporate three different interior design themes on each level. Decorating a large home poses a different kind of challenge as opposed to designing a small home. Since there is so much space, each area has to be properly utilised so it won’t look bare or unfinished.

Livinci Interior Design was able to work on and transform a 4 + 1 bedroom bungalow terrace located at Jalan Senyum. The finished work exudes class and creativity within its walls.

Come on in!

Covered pathway

Upon entry, you’ll be led to a covered pathway on the side of the home. It highlights nature with plants adorning the corridor, looking like a vertical garden. The wooden walkway accompanied by canister lights, leading you to the entrance of the home.

Living area

In the living room on the ground floor, you can see that the area is divided into two parts. These spaces carry a contemporary oriental theme consisting of Chinese design and modern minimalistic features. On the feature wall, is a statue of the top section of Buddha, resting on a wooden cupboard that has a moongate detail on its doors.

Family room

Neutral colours are seen around the room; browns, blacks, off-whites, and whites are used generously. However, the designer picked urban red sofas to compliment the living area, introducing a burst of colour.

This corner functions as a family room as it is fitted with a tea table and television; a great place for members of the family to hang out, chit chat, watch shows, and probably play board games.

Leather chairs

On the other section of the living room, there is a lot of natural light streaming from the glass panels. There is no vast change between the two spaces. The red leather chairs are duplicated here with an additional swivel one-seater lounge leather sofa.

To section off the area, the open shelving for display is built in an ‘L’ shape. Each compartment has its lighting too. This space is specifically made to entertain guests - there are no screens or any form of distraction here.

Dining area

Just after the living area is the dining area. The colour scheme is similar to the living area with neutral tones displayed and a sudden burst of colour. Here, the red clear acrylic dining chairs take centre stage.

There is also plenty of recessed lighting fixed to brighten up the space when the sun goes down. Another highlight of the dining area is the bulbous pendant light fixture illuminating the dining space.


The wet and dry kitchen takes up the 90-degree angle of the back of the bungalow and is fitted with windows all around. It makes for amazing views and air circulation while cooking.

Laminate floors

*ding ding*

We are done with the ground level, so let’s adjourn to the first level via the elevator.

You’ll be greeted with fused glass art on the wall. Unlike the tiled flooring on the ground floor, you’ll be stepping onto laminate floors taking on the design of thin wooden strips.

Bedroom with royal blue wall

In the first bedroom, the accent wall is painted royal blue with a gorgeous painting of a delta hung within a landscape grey border. This bright wall is then complemented by white walls, bringing balance into the room.


Between the rooms, a pantry is set up so one does not need to head downstairs to the kitchen for a snack. Complementing the warm colours on this level are the built-in cabinets. They are dressed in maple brown and match with glossy top and black glass splashback.

Study room

In the study, there is ample space for everyone. Open shelving allows for organised document arrangement. The office chairs are arranged at length with the  walls, with enough personal space for those who will be using it. Recessed lighting help brighten the space that is laden with natural lighting from the floor to ceiling windows.

Shelving units

Adjacent from the working space is more shelving units, both enclosed and open, in different sizes, making it perfect for storage.

Bar top desk

Who's the boss? A bar top desk is complemented by ample shelving units. This nook is perfect for putting ideas to work.

Warm tone bedroom

This room carries very warm tones, from the ergonomic plush velvet chair to the bedspread and the shelving units. Every room takes on different personalities through the colours used.

White doors with minimalist wooden hardware

As opposed to the other bedroom and study, this room feels airier and wider as a different colour scheme is used. There are less dark and dim colours.  Instead, many more closed closet space using white doors with minimalist wooden hardware is used.

Marble wallpaper pantry

Just outside the room is another pantry area. As this area partitions off natural light, glossy marble wallpaper is used, reflecting light to make this space less dim.

Island with sink and bar stools

Up on the highest level is a beautiful space perfect for lounging with the family or guests. Choose to spend your evening and morning outside on the rooftop patio or inside where you still get natural light coming in.

The island fitted with a sink and bar stools surrounding it is the perfect place to serve hors d'oeuvres and antipasti.

Loft area

From this angle, you can see that the uncovered rooftop space surrounds three corners of the home. The loft area takes on a very modern contemporary vibe, different from the serious and solemn living and dining area on the ground floor. Light-coloured wood and greys are featured in this open-concept entertainment area.

Every room or level in a home can be designated with different characters. One home does not need to follow a certain set of design rules because creativity breaks all the rules!

Livinci Interior Design has shown us how it can be done by incorporating different themes on three different floors. If you are interested to redesign your home, you can always ask for a quote from Livinci Interior Design, here!

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