Types of wall niches for your home

December 9th 2022

Types of wall niches for your home

Are you in the midst of designing your new home, or finding a way to spruce up your house? If you are, wall niches might be the answer for you. While they may have been around for a while, wall niches have regained popularity recently, and have been taking the interior design world by storm of late. So, what exactly are wall niches? They typically refer to recessed shelves and alcoves that can be used as a décor accent, a focal point, or for storage. Hence, here are some types of wall niches for your home.

Curved wall niches

Credits: renonation

One of the more popular variations of wall niches is the curved wall niches. With curved shapes being one of the most popular trends recently, it is no surprise that curved wall niches are increasingly being employed in homes. For instance, take a look at the room above. The curved wall niches give you more storage space to display your favourite knick-knacks while taking minimal space. In fact, the beautifully curved feature also makes the wall niche appear more soothing to the eye. If you are planning to make your curved wall niche into the focal point of your room, here is a tip: use contrasting colours, like the light blue background as seen above, to highlight your wall niche and your displayed items.

Credits: chloe dominik

If you like the design of the previous curved wall niche, but want something more subtle, do not worry! You can opt for a curved wall niche that blends in perfectly with your room. Just like the one on the left above, you can add a shallow depth curved wall niche with the same colour as your room. The all-white paint colour for both the niche and room walls hence creates a beautifully minimal and subtle look. The curved wall niche on the right image is also another way you can add a wall niche to your home. Perfect if you want a more unique curved wall niche, or want it to be more organised. At the same time, if you have an arched French window or door, this rendition of curved wall niche can also match well with them.

Dining nook

Credits: renonation

If you think that wall niches can only be used for additional display or storage space, you will be surprised to know there are other purposes. Take the picture above for instance: the wall niche is cleverly made into a cosy dining nook. To achieve this look, simply add a strong and sturdy shelve to serve as the seats. In addition, you can throw in a few comfortable cushions to make the nook much more cosier. An additional benefit? It saves space and looks incredibly beautiful. Here is a tip. Double your wall niche into a hidden storage space by making the bottom of the seat hollow.

Circle wall niche

Credits: renonation

If you love how the wall niche looks above, circle niches are for you. Just like the name suggests, circle niches refer to wall niches that use a full circle design. Because of how round and symmetric it is, such circle niches tend to elude a more zen and beautifully perfect vibe. In addition, with how unique it is, it will definitely make your room appear more unique. For instance, take a look at the circle niche above. It is adapted to become a unique circle wall niche shelving.

Credits: designingidea

Love a circle niche wall, but not sure how it can complement your home? Perhaps a circular wall niche that serves as a sitting space is better for you. Simply take a look at the one above as inspiration. Throw in a few comfortable cushions to create this additional sitting area. Compared to adding more chairs, a circle niche sitting area will definitely save more space and be more unique. In addition, it adds to life and style to your otherwise plain wall. 

Shower wall niche

Credits: designingidea

Contrary to the popular belief that wall niches are for aesthetic purposes, some serve a more functional role. And this includes shower wall niches, just like the one above. Typically, shower wall niches are added to allow more storage for toiletries, soaps, and various items. Compared to adding bulky shelves in your bathroom, they tend to be much sturdier, last for a longer time, and save more space. Hence, making shower wall niches so popular. However, given that it is in the bathroom, it is important to ensure that the niche is completely water-tight. If it is not fully water-tight, moisture can leak through the cracks, which would then create serious problems within your bathroom wall. Thus, here is a tip. Tile your niches to prevent water from seeping through. Alternatively, you can opt for shower wall niche inserts to be added after your entire shower is installed.

Sleeping loft wall niche

Credits: the spruce

One unique variation of wall niches has to be the sleeping loft wall niche. Essentially, it refers to a mini open loft space. For instance, the image above added a comfortable bed and ladder to create a sleeping nook. Not only does this create a private space, but it is also incredibly comfy. If you want more privacy, you can also add a retractable curtain. However, this type of wall niche also tends to take more wall depth as compared to other types. Hence, this may not be suitable for everyone. Instead, take a look at your home space, and decide if such a wall niche is suitable for you.

Clustered wall niches

Credits: renonation

Do you prefer a more visually interesting wall niche that can breathe life into any space? Or perhaps you simply cannot decide between certain types of wall niches? Why not choose multiple wall niches then? Consider clustering wall niches together just like the one above. While there is no specific name for these types of wall niches, it generally just refers to various types of wall niches clustered into a single space. For instance, the room above mixes a regular rectangular wall niche on the right, and different sizes of curved wall niches on the left. Thus, let us take the image above as inspiration. To add more visual appeal and prevent things from feeling too uniform or boring, use different sizes of niches and display different items.

Headboard or bedside niche

Credits: designingidea

Are you thinking about how you can add a wall niche in your bedroom? A headboard niche might be the perfect choice for you. Just like the one above, a headboard niche allows you to stow away your bedside essentials while keeping that clean and beautiful look. Here is a tip. Add hidden LED lighting, and keep the switch near your bed. Not only will it allow you to easily take your essentials in the dark, but it also creates an alluring and modern ambience.

Credits: renonation

Do you want a wall niche in your bedroom, but want a more subtle one?  Perhaps a smaller-sized bedside niche is a better choice. For instance, take a look at the one above. The shallow wall niche will allow you to put all your bedside essentials while keeping a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. In this case, it is best to not add any lighting to it. As the lighting can ruin the simple and clean look. If need be, add simple coloured lighting like a white LED one. And try to keep it off at most times to ensure that the bedside niche will still fit the aesthetic of your room.

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