Unique ways to incorporate lights into your bedroom

June 27th 2022

Unique ways to incorporate lights into your bedroom

For many of us, our bedroom is highly customized to suit our lifestyles and aesthetic preferences. From the choice of furniture, colour of the walls, and lighting, it is all very much in our control. Particularly, there are many lighting options for you to consider when planning your bedroom. You may be thinking that lighting may not be so crucial in your bedroom but it helps to set the tone and overall theme of your room. Apart from the typical lamps and overhead lights, we have some ideas for you to incorporate lights into your bedroom!

​​1.    Spotlights

A line of overhead spotlights can help create focal points in your bedroom. This gives your room a studio-like feeling. Spotlights often complement existing light in your room, as they create a more theatrical atmosphere that is both elegant and creative.

Alternatively, spotlights that are arranged in a regular pattern or that are a distance apart from each other create a more diffused light effect. You can alter the brightness of each light to make your room either dimmer or brighter. The former will result in an intimate setting while the latter makes your room feel inviting and welcoming.

2.    Hanging light fixtures 

Chandeliers are a common choice in many bedrooms because they are a simple way of elevating the sophistication of the room. In any lighting shop, you are sure to see a wide selection of chandeliers for your choosing.

Hanging light fixtures now also come in interesting shapes and sizes. If you would like something less common, then there is also a large market of attractive and unusual lighting structures. This adds more personality to your room and makes it more dynamic.

Low-hanging lighting pieces are increasingly common, especially for those who like contemporary designs. It is slightly more casual but can add increased height dimension to your room.

3.    LED 

LED strips have gained traction in recent years because of the retro effect it creates. It is most commonly lined along the wall edges and usually comes with a remote that allows you to change the colour combination of your lights. The effect of LED lights is relatively intense so it is more suitable for those who prefer a festive or celebratory vibe.

4.    Wall lightsWall lights have a unique effect by drawing attention to your walls. They usually create a stark contrast between the lights themselves and your walls. Hence, they are best suited for darker walls. Nonetheless, there are interesting wall lighting that can make your walls look interesting, regardless of its colour.

5.    Floor and table lamps

Floor lamps can serve as a statement piece in your bedroom. Some of them also have a dual function of being a bedside table.  

Table lamps are sort of a miniature version of floor lamps and they come in various forms. You can choose a design that suits your room. Or, if you’re feeling more creative, you can opt for one with a wacky design that will stand out.

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