By James Frankurt , Dec 14, 2017
modern living room

Step into a world of luxury. From the grand living room to the ultra-chic kitchen and elegant rooms, this modern apartment looks stunning with the right balance of comfort and order, leaving one thoroughly at ease in this picture-perfect home.

steel mesh gate
spacious living room with grey sofa

With its pristine white walls and ceiling, the living room looks incredibly bright and spacious. Unwind on the plush grey sofa after a long day at work and admire your stylishly detailed accent wall as you catch up on your favourite family shows. The subdued palette of warm tones is coupled with deliberate accents in the carpet and textured seating, making the apartment look extremely luxurious and comfortable.

elegant dining area
kitchen with wooden cupboards
kitchen and dining area
simple dining chair

The dining area carries the same understated elegance as the living room, with an inviting dining table and contemporary chairs - perfect for family dinners or parties. The immaculate kitchen imparts a sense of sophistication and provides commodious storage space and proper facilities for the aspiring chef.

stylish high tables
wine cabinet

Catch up on work or enjoy a chat with your family or guests over the simple yet stylish high-tables, and impress your guests with some wine from your extravagant cooler.

retro vibe bathroom

With pristine white tiled walls and black and gold accents, the bathroom exudes a retro vibe while still maintaining the stylishly modern theme of the house.

master bedroom with mahogany accent wall

The master bedroom is just as stunning as the rest of the abode, with a gorgeous mahogany accent wall and matching blinders and side tables. A sleek black desk with beautiful brown shelves sit in the room, making this room a great place to work and sleep in. A plush, plum headboard ties the room together, making the room wonderfully comfortable and heightening the luxuriousness of the room.  

master bathroom
spacious walk-in closet

This spacious walk-in closet is bound to satisfy even the fashionistas, with ample room for clothes and bags. The display cabinets make it easy for you to find your clothes and the tasteful rainbow rug adds an extra oomph to the space. Project by: Fineline Design Pte Ltd Renovation Cost: $250,000 Year of Completion: 2017 Theme: Modern Contemporary Renovation Period: 8 Weeks Click here to find out more about Fineline Design Pte Ltd