Warm or Cool Colours for your new HDB flat?

April 15th 2020

If you are thinking of how to renovate your new HDB home and the thing that perplexes you most is – whether you should have a warm or cool tone for your flat, we are here to help you.

Bedroom with blue wall

Colours play an important aspect of home renovation. It has psychological effects on our mind. Colours can evoke a feeling of calm, and it can even evoke memories from a distant time, it can also help you relieve stress, add to stress and also to help you gain a good night’s sleep.

With all these considerations in mind, what colours should you choose? Designers are always asking questions such as warm and cool tones or colours, what do they mean exactly? Understanding these terms will help you decide what you are looking for when choosing colours for your home décor.

What are Cool Colours?

Living room with green wall

Cool colours consist of colours such as blue, green and light purple. These colours have the capability of helping to calm and soothe your mind. They remind you of the sky, nature, and the sea or even feeling cool, with memories of places in cold places.

Cool colours look like they recede and are great for small spaces which you want to make look larger. If you have a tiny room you want to ‘enlarge’ visually, try painting the room with a cool colour tone such as light blue to make it look for spacious.

What are Warm Colours?

Red wall

Warm colours consist of red, yellow, orange and a combination of these colours. Warm colour tones usually make you think of warm things, such as sunset, sunlight or heat.

They often help to make a room look cozier and also works for kitchens as they help work up an appetite. If there is a large room which looks cold and empty, consider painting it with a warm colour to make it look warmer and more welcoming.

Light and Temperature

Colours come with different temperatures and as the names ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ suggest, it can affect your mood. For example, if you live in a warm place, where the outdoors are covered by warm sunlight, it would make sense to go for a decorating scheme that is dominated by cool colours in your home.

The effect that colour has on visible light is perhaps more important than the temperature of the colour.

Perceived brightness has to do more with the lightness of the colour than whether it is warm or cool. Lighter colours reflect more light than darker and deeper colours. With this in mind, you might want to choose a lighter colour that reflects light in a dark room. In contrast, to tone down a room with a lot of light, go for darker tones and warm colours.

Colour and Emotions

Blue and white living room

Colours have a lot of effect on our emotions. If you tend to be restless and hyper-active, you might want to go for cool colours to help calm you down. The receding effects of cool colours helps you feel relaxed and refreshed.

It also helps you feel meditative. If you close your eyes and imagine a room filled with playfulness and fun, natural warm colours come to your mind. Warm colours provide a mood of vibrancy and is a great choice for rooms which may see a lot of activity.

Create a Balance

Wooden theme living room

While you can choose to go for a dominating cooling or warming effect for your home décor theme, think of the functionality of each room, the play of light via the amount of sunlight that comes in, as well as your personality.

In fact, there is no need to have either cool or warm colours dominate the main design theme of your flat. You can be flexible and create a balance.

If you want your room to be cosy, use warm colours and add some elements that incorporate cool colours to tone down the warmth. Decorations and furniture are also important in juxtaposing and balancing the colours in your home.

Don’t forget neutral colours such as white, they are great in breaking the dominant features of a group of colours and helps you transition between the cool and warm tones. 

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