What are the alternatives for a bedside table?

December 5th 2022

What are the alternatives for a bedside table? 

Do you ever find yourself begrudgingly getting out of bed just to get a glass of water, or perhaps to put your glasses and phone down? If your answer is yes, you should consider getting a bedside table to put all your essentials near you. However, not all rooms may be suited for a conventional bedside table. Especially in Singapore where your house may be smaller, there may not be enough space for you to accommodate a bedside table. Or perhaps you find a conventional bedside table too boring and rather something else to spruce up your room? Fortunately, nearly any piece of furniture with a flat surface can be used as a bedside table. Read on to see how you can use 7 other unique alternatives for a bedside table in your bedroom!

A bar cart

Credits: homeyohmy

One of the most popular alternatives to a bedside table is bar carts. With bar carts, you can easily take or put anything you need into the open shelves. But what makes them so special are their lockable wheels. Most bar carts come with lockable wheels, hence allowing you to roll it to wherever is more convenient for you, and easily secure it with the lock system! This is also perfect if your room is on the smaller side. That is because you can easily move it away when not in use, hence making your room appear more spacious! Here is a tip! Use a carpet in your bedroom. A carpet works as a protective layer for your floor and prevents the wheels from causing any accidental scratches on your floor. Try to pick out carpets that are well-trimmed to ensure they do not interfere with your wheels.

Credits: modern glam (left), Good Housekeeping (right)
Did you know that bar carts also come in a variety of styles, shapes, and heights? And that means you will definitely find one that suits your room size and your preference. For instance, take a look at how stylish the bar cart is on the right image! You should definitely go for these kinds of unique bar carts if you want an alternative bedside table that can bring life to your room. On the other hand, if you prefer a more natural or cosy vibe you can go for a wood version like the picture on the left. For a glamourous look, you can find mirrored, oval feminine bar cart styles too. These are just some of the many design types that you can choose from.

Wardrobe niche


If you think that adding furniture is the only way for you to have an alternative bedside table, you will be surprised to know there are other ways. Take the room above for example a niche shelf is cleverly included in the existing wardrobe. This allows you to maximise your wardrobe all the way to your bed without having to sacrifice additional space for a traditional bedside table. Another benefit of a wardrobe niche? It can be customised to blend in perfectly with your wardrobe and room theme, hence making your room appear bigger and more beautiful. In addition, you can customise it to be the perfect bedside height for you. Want some tips and tricks? Customise installation for plugs or USB charging ports on your wardrobe niche. By doing so, you can easily charge your phone or any other device before you sleep. In addition, you can add on a small strip of controllable LED warm yellow light and place the switch closer to the bed. Hence, even if it is in the middle of the night, you can conveniently switch on the light to take whatever you need.

Floating shelves

Credits: HGTV (left), rockmystyle (right)

Do the two shelves appeal to you? Or do you want your room to seem more spacious? If your answer is yes, you should get floating shelves as your alternative bedside table. Typically, such floating shelves are characterised by their lack of legs. Hence, compared to a traditional boxy bedside table, a floating shelf gives the illusion of a more spacious room. While these floating shelves come in a variety of designs and shapes, they typically are to the smaller side. Hence, it also ensures that it does not take up much wall space. At the same time, this does not mean you will not be able to store a lot of items on your floating shelf. For instance, compare between the two floating shelves above. While they are both relatively the same size, the right one allows you to have an additional ledge to put more of your essential night supplies. Hence, the wooden floating shelve on the right is a great example of a more functional design. While the golden brassed leaf design on the left would be a great choice for a more luxurious touch. Depending on what is your needs and preference, you can find the perfect floating shelve as your alternative bedside table!

Headboard with storage

Credits: Qanvast (D5 Studio Image)

Another popular alternative to bedside tables is to make use of a headboard with storage. Essentially this means you add some storage spaces into the headboard behind your bed. Not only is this a great storage solution, but it also acts as the perfect pedestal for bedroom décor. For instance, the room above uses a headboard with open storage. With the open shelf right next to the bed, you can take or place any items you want within arm’s length. Now, you no longer need to struggle out of bed to place it elsewhere! At the same time, you can also use it as a display case to showcase all your Knick knacks or a beautifully potted plant.

If you like the headboard storage idea, but prefer a little more privacy, here is the perfect solution for you. A headboard with built-in hidden storage space! Take a look at the pull-out shelves above. While they are a little less accessible as compared to the previous open shelves, this pull-out shelf keeps your room clutter-free and saves more space. When not in use, they will be hidden and out of sight. Hence, giving the illusion of a larger and cleaner room. Here is a tip. Add some form of a light source near your pull-out shelf so you can still see it in the dark.

Pile of books

Credits: aulitfinelinens

While this might not be the most practical solution, it is still a very popular alternative because of how stylish it looks! Just look at how beautiful these two bookshelves look! In addition, you can also have a never-ending supply of bedtime reading material at your fingertips. Here is a tip! For better stability, prioritise placing the larger and heavier books at the bottom of the stack. The very first book at the top should be of decent weight as well. If you are still worried about it, you can use a transparent acrylic piece to balance your pile of books.


Credits: rockmystyle (left)  Pinterest (right)

When you are looking for an alternative bedside table, it is time to think out of the box. And that means making use of chairs. Chairs are incredibly easy to get and you most likely have a chair to spare in your home. Hence, this means you can easily set up your make shift bedside table without spending any money. At the same time, you do not need to worry about your wallet if you want to purchase chairs too. Why? Typically most chairs are very affordable. But perhaps one of the selling points is its duality. And that means you can use it as both an alternative bedside table, and chair when not in use. Talk about killing two birds in one stone! There are also many types of chairs available that you will certainly be able to find one you love! For instance, you can get a wooden or rattan material chair for a more natural vibe. Just like the image on the left, simply add in a plant to complement the cosy vibes. If you prefer a more cushiony seat, you can also find ottomans, stools, or pouffes like the one on the right. Did you know? Some of these ottomans or poufs also have a hidden storage space, allowing you to store more items of your choice.

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