Where Innovation Meets Elegance – A Design Showcase in Anchorvale

October 5th 2023

Although Artspaze is a relatively young company established in 2019, they boast a team of experienced designers with creative, and almost radical, ideas to share. They have an impressive portfolio that showcases their unique style and ability to exceed expectations for any project. The designers work closely with you to understand your vision and make it come to life! Take a look at one of their projects in Anchorvale that features a simple, but refreshing, concept that takes skill and adequate knowledge to successfully pull off. Foyer and Living Room

The first thing you notice about this home is the use of light colours. The white cabinet and walls paired with the light wooden floors help to reflect light in the living room which opens up the room and makes it look more spacious. The foyer is the first area you’ll see when you step into the home and it has a cosy little display section for you to display your photos or any trinkets. This is where your guests get a small taste of your personality! The living room is situated next to a row of windows that allow ample light to come in, which creates a lively and inspiring atmosphere! Note also the cohesiveness of furniture choices such that they fit into the bright ambience of the home. Kitchen

The kitchen features a gray-ish silver colour palette, against a white canvas. This is where we see the designers beautifully and smartly merging design and function. SIlver fridge doors are easier to maintain without looking too jarring. The dark gray countertops also go well with the monochrome theme and are less easily stained. Overall, the kitchen seamlessly blends practicality and aesthetics. Study / Game Room

With the regular work-from-home arrangements, many of us have sought a comfortable work space in our homes. Or, you may just like a little tech space for you to play your favourite online / video games. Whichever the case is, the designers turned this extra room into a functional study / game room with many cabinets for your work items and display racks for you to display your decor. Bedroom

The bedroom is as comfy as it looks! Similar to the living room, its emphasis is on the white canvas with sleek lines coming from the cabinets and a Scandinavian-style fan to tie the entire room together. The thick and dark curtains ensure that you have a dim and cosy ambience to fall asleep to at night but also allows ample light into your room during the day. Bathroom

The bathrooms in the home have a similar layout but we can see slight nuances in the design, but they of course still stick to the same theme to provide a sense of continuity. Both feature granite tiles and sleek black frames to create a clarry and sophisticated look. To avoid making the space look overly crammed, the designers made use of clear glass panels and minimal decor.

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