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May 19th 2023

If you’re like most people, you would love the contemporary designs that most homes have today. However, most of them feature monochrome colours that indeed look very timeless and classy but may be boring to some of us. Fret not, as the designers at Exqsite Interior have seamlessly blended these two concepts together.

In this home located in Anchorvale, you’ll see elements of contemporary interior design, mixed together with bolder and more exciting colours. Let’s take a look at the interesting choices made by the designers when creating this lovely home.

The living room is simple, classy, yet playful. If you take a look at just the television set or the couch, you might find that it looks like a typical modern home. However, the small touches, such as the hammock and textured carpet, help to elevate the look of the home.

The living room adopts a unique layout where the dining table is situated close to the entrance and next to the living room. This creates a more convenient layout as the dining area is close to the kitchen but you can still view the television as you are having your meals.

The dining table is made of a unique matte-finished stone that creates a more industrial look. The monochrome table and chairs are nicely contrasted using a vibrant green plant decoration that gives some life to the space.

Next, the kitchen has a more earthy colour palette. The dark brown cabinets not only create a homely vibe but are a practical choice as they do not stain as easily as other colors or materials. The kitchen has a straightforward layout that allows everything to be within reach.

The kitchen island looks similar to the dining table as it also has a stone countertop and decorative plants. The designer has also included a mirror along one of the walls to create the illusion of a bigger space.

One of the most interesting rooms in this home has to be the shared bedroom. This bedroom has a one-of-a-kind layout. The beds are situated next to each other on a raised platform and the work desks are angled to face the beds. This is a unique way of compartmentalizing the work and sleep spaces while keeping each side of the room separate from the other.

The television is mounted to the wall facing the beds and is attached to a moveable arm so you can adjust the television to a comfortable angle.

The other bedroom is a bold and exciting space that makes use of various kinds of plants to liven up the atmosphere. These vibrant colours can stimulate productivity and creativity while improving one’s mood.

For the last bedroom, you can probably guess the color that inspired this space. This bedroom has a softer and gentler aesthetic. It is a simpler room that has all the essentials of a functional and conducive bedroom while at the same time, looking cozy and pretty.

Lastly, we can take a look at the bathroom. The bathroom has a natural look, with the use of plants and brown wood that is very reminiscent of the outdoors. 

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