4 Stylish Stand Fans for Your Home

November 17th 2020

Remember when we were kids, and decorating our SIMS house was our favourite pastime? Perhaps, for some, it’s still our favourite thing to do! We simply had to scroll the catalogue to browse for some swanky furniture, and then dragged the coolest one out. Then, it would belong in our house along with the other futuristic pieces we had. Now, some of these pieces were fans: stand fans, music-playing fans, tower fans, air coolers… you name it. Over the years, stand fans have evolved in style and function. They’re not the same traditional fans which are bulky and plastic-looking. Stand fans are now better designed to blend in seamlessly with the look of modern homes while maintaining the quality of air ventilation.

Different types of fans
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If you’re ready to upgrade your home to look and feel cooler, read on to see our recommendations of 4 stylish fans for your home. Prepare to be blown away!

Sona SAF6080 Antique Metal Fan (SGD 93.90)

Sona SAF6080 Antique Metal Fan

Let’s start with this Sona antique metal fan in rose gold. The antique is found in the aluminium blades, the steel cage, and the metal body all round the fan. The height of this fan can be adjusted with the knob - much like the fans our grandparents used in the 50s and 60s! This model has 3 speed settings and its four blades boast a powerful air flow.

Sona is a trusted Singaporean home appliances brand and they’ve been around for almost 30 years. So they know what they mean when they say “antique”. You can get this heritage-preserving piece now for under $95 on Shoppee with a 3-year warranty. Say hello to retro furniture!

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03 Air Purifier Tower Fan

No more awkward fans and their noisy blades! There are absolutely zero blades on this fan, and that’s what Dyson specializes in. Short and sturdy, this bladeless fan will take up just a small corner of the room, but promises to cool the entire room down. It has many added functions such as allergen filtering, night-mode, and remote control. For us, the most stylish thing about this is probably its intelligent purification, which reports our air quality to our mobile app!

This is definitely a modern appliance for the house, and we bet The SIMS didn’t even see this coming. You can get it in white and silver (timeless colours) for $699.99 with a 2-year warranty and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Xiaomi Smart Wired StandFan 1X 2

Beauty comes in all sizes. We say this because Xiaomi’s Smart Wired StandFan is small: it’s less than a metre high. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fan with so many blades - 7 in total! These small blades are so impressive, they will blow you away - 14 metres to be exact.

While you’ll be able to feel the cool air coming from this fan, it’s supposed to be silent. So, you will hear none of those sounds of the blades whacking the air. It comes in full white and has a fairly simple design. You can control the fan from the four buttons at the top of the fan, or from your mobile app!

Get it for only $109, try it out at home, and if you don’t like it, return it within 15 days.

Vornado VFAN Alchemy Small (SGD 429.00)

Vornado VFAN Alchemy Small

Vornado makes air circulators and fans that have one thing in common: they have a round face like this one. In their Alchemy Petite series, these small metallic fans come in two luxurious colours: Seafoam (pictured above) and Gunmetal (gold and black). It’s so small (about 40cm), you can place it firmly on a table or a countertop, and this power-packed fan will move air up to 12 metres. 

An American brand, Vornado nails the vintage American look from the 1940s! You can purchase it for only $429 and a 2-year warranty.

Some of these prices may be labelled as exorbitant for stand fans. Realistically, though, style and aesthetics come at a price. Those large, plastic-looking stand fans may have been a common appliance in the house, but admit it: you always thought they were cramping the style of the interior design. Plus, paying a little more for a fan will mean that you can expect better after-sales service, and better air ventilation in the house!

What’s your top pick from our list above? Let us know!

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