People Preference Choice May 2021

May 10th 2021

People Preference Choice May 2021

Every month, Renodots showcases 6 beautifully renovated homes for our homeowners and supporters alike to vote for their favourite interior curations. With so many interior styles present in the market today, we’re curious to find out the styles that best appeal to our clients Simply cast your vote and stand a chance to win a S$150 cash voucher and S$100 worth of Audio House vouchers!

Having said that, though, have you ever found yourself on the horns of a dilemma, struggling to pick between 2 equally outstanding designs? Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and perfection is vastly subjective – but sometimes, we all need a helping hand in digging your heels in on a decision. Therefore, allow us to present to you a brief introduction to each of the 6 Best Curations of May 2021!

SEDS Interior

SEDS Interior

An outrightly modern and sleek masterpiece, SEDS Interior has made this curation synonymous with luxury and elegance. The refined textures of the feature and partition walls when paired with a dark and relaxing colour palette, calls for an ambience that is simply poetic and filled with poise!

ID.EOLOGY Interior Design

Ideology Interior Design

You know what they say – once you go white, you know it’s right! White was and still is the bread and butter for homeowners looking to curate an effortlessly bright and spacious space. With the soft features of the furniture and a timeless colour scheme, owning an airy and comfortable home is simply given to you by ID.EOLOGY Interior Design.

ELPIS Interior Design

Elpis Interior Design

Boasting an intricate Scandinavian vibe, ELPIS Interior Design has successfully brought out the mesmerizing beauty of minimalism. With pops of refreshing colours dotting the space that is dressed abstractly, the abode presents itself to be sweet and simple – just like how life should be!

Carpenters 匠


This outstanding curation by Carpenters 匠 is defined by an intricate and meaningful design language. From the Industrial lighting fixtures to the raw and off-white surfaces, this abode is the epitome of modern sophistication. Do not be fooled by the lack of ornamentation in this project, because as the saying goes, less is more – and this curation is solid proof of that!

ExQsite Interior Design

Exqsite Interior Design

Nothing represents warmth and comfort more than this featured curation by ExQsite Interior Design. Wooden elements steer the design direction of this abode, exuding an ambience that is timeless, homely and modern – all under one roof. I mean, what else could you ask for?



Do not be fooled by the plain off-white colour scheme of this project, for it is merely a setup to the intricate details seen on the linear designs on the wall! Without investing in too much ornamentation, a futuristic vibe is achieved, thanks to the attention-grabbing linear designs clad in gold.

Voting Guidelines

Creative Awards 2021

How to take part in Renodots People Preference Choice:

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